Questions on bestiaries/aviaries and cathedrals/circles.

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  1. Do bestiaries/aviaries give 2 hits more per building? If so, why buid aviaries when you can make do with a cheaper beastiary since both gives 2 more hits each? And if I build 20 bestiaries/aviaries, will I get 40 more hits as compared to 20 forges? If so, why not go all bestiaries.

    If you have reached max plunder, do cathedrals/circles give 5% more (I.e raise max plunder cap) ally plunder per building? If so, why not
  2. beastiaries and aviaries give 100 soldiers extra. so where a forge/cathedral/sub/circle gives 2000, aviaries and beastiaries give 2100. as for circles and cathedrals, yes they raise max plunder by 5% which means they are very useful
  3. If so, why not get 20 cathedrals/circles and get 100% ally plunder bonus?
  4. If you have any balanced buildings, you get two extra hits. They do not stack.
  5. And will I get 40 more hits if I build 20 beastiaries instead of 20 forges?
  6. The extra hits DO NOT STACK.
  7. all depends on how u like to fight maginion. I prefer attacking and destroying so I went mostly subs (with a few circles and guilds for extra plunder)
  8. Oh okay. What about 20 cathedrals/circles for more money?
  9. I'm not as sure about those. But I don't think it stacks to 220% bonus.
  10. Any balanced buildings will give you 2 extra attacks no matter how many you have, but I you don't have all of them balanced, the last 2 hits will be very weak. For defensive buildings, the plunder only effects that own building's plunder.
  11. Affects*
  12. No I think it is effects. Also, I think that means that if you had half forges and half caths, you wool have a 2.5% increase.
  13. In that context, it would be affects.
  14. defensive buildings dont work like that. if you went all circles/caths your plunder would only increase by 5%
  15. It's so misunderstood. A cath does not add 5% to total plunder, it means a cath has 5% higher max plunder than a forge, so having 20 caths would not give the plunder of 40 forges, it would give the plunder of 21 forges, but with less attack you'll ge less regular pludner

    with beastiary, if you have 1, 2 extra hits, it dosent stack
  16. So I should get just 1 circle/cathedral and my plunder'll go up by 5%?
  17. So I shouldn't get 1 circle since the increment of plunder would be insignificant?
  18. I just reread the dev thread, circle give +5% more regular plunder and ally plunder,

    having multiple might make a diffrence, but lower attack makes hitting people harder, but remember to always have AT LEAT one beastiary, more if you want but a minimum of 1