Quest success rate

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by KingHawkeyes, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. The quest success rate it rediculously low. At least change it to 50/50. Losing 80% of the battles on quest is too high unless the devs secretly really want to encourage us to attack each other.
  2. Umm no they arnt there are ratings of difficulties for a reason very difficult means it's vey difficult.... I get bout 1/4 difficult one completing
  3. do easy and moderate and let us know what your success rate is
  4. I feel it is quite good for moderate almost like 80%
  5. must be my luck
  6. I lose all the time.
  7. I think quest rate is terrible. Even with full army I can't win one halfway down my list.
  8. The quest success rate is fine. The quests are there when your starting out or trying to go below the radar. The failure rate is fine I think so that they promote you to get your money from attacking or spying.
  9. I tested it out today and only succeeded at 1/10 attempts at difficult quests.
  10. I just think its funny when i go to hunt for treasure (first quest) a landslide kills 200 of my men lol. It doesnt make sense, treasure isnt that hard to find loll
  11. With some of my bottom quests there always very difficult and difficult when I have full army. What's the point of putting them there.
  12. High risk high reward
  13. quests are pointless
    Even attacking people with tiny awards usually means more gold than doing quests and nobility points aren't even that valuable
  14. Here is an idea why dont u go for land complete, quests get easyer the more attack you have
  15. Oh too hell with quests they're mad hard!!!
  16. Here's an good idea. Realize when this thread was made (golden age). And awe in it's mightyness. Instead of replying to someone who hasn't been on the fourms in months.
  17. Dont cry there fine het better army dummie dont expect to win with 10.000 men lol
  18. *stands in awe of the golden age*

    Quests give Xtals, use Xtals on clan OSF for instant top dollar. Faster LC.  Parteh time with LC build
  19. Do allies help in quest