PvP Rebalance Changes

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  1. They unlikely will ever address BFA again, they did that ONCE, and many LB threatened to rage quit and they reinstated the mechs.
  2. Ok sweet
  3. With no BFA being addressed in this rebalancing, does this mean that Round wars are going to be discontinued? We will only have primal and indy wars now?
  4. I do like this update but this now means that some people will war with no defence pots and now no equip.
  5. This. It'll be the race to 2b plunder. Lol
  6. Hey all, minor update.

    Taking a look at your feedback it seems the inclusion of potions in this balance made things confusing and less than ideal when seeing how much plunder you would get. Because this only had a minor impact anyways, we've now removed the potions from counting. Now it will simply be based on Equipment.

    The original post was updated to reflect this as well.
  7. If attacking with full pots lowers our plunder during wars then isn't our mith payout gonna suck if we don't use them?
    Edit: Kaw made new update so this isn't relevant
  8. Blows my mind how they can think they need to address bfe which is fairly easily obtainable by all as opposed to bfa which causes the most imbalance & is out of reach of the majority (high enough bfa to make a diff that is).

    Had they done this "re-balancing" focused on BFA instead of BFE it would remove the issue of LB/SSH rosters & bring back round wars.

    Instead we now get to decide if we wanna war naked or with equip cause we earn more naked & pot-less. Beyond stupid.

    Bad enough you guys basically removed BFE from wars with making it do nothing in primals but now we are basically penalized for having the equip we war for.
  9. So does this mean that the 12mil extra per hit for full defence pots is no more?
  10. yep thats a problem that prevents alot of people from actually doing decent because all they have are huge accounts sitting on them and still making decent drops
  11. Cliff notes: replace your bfe with BFA and profit. Noted.
  12. During primal wars do equipment affect payout now since you started useing it as a factor for payout in war
  13. Should make a chart. Starting from a new player to redstar
  15. This is bad. Should have done for BFA man... Not bfe
  16. Can't wait to see all the naked indi and round wars. Lol. Good game.
  17. Bfe bfa who cares just have tiered wars or divisions no need to adjust any bfe or bfa and won't favour any one person. Everyone argues for what suits them look at the accounts crying about bfe over bfa then if bfa will be lb. I agree with both so tier the wars or have divisions and stop the sooking.
  18. And to think I've been chanting that the plunder system needs to include allies and equipment for a while now. :p

    Glad to see devs have finally listened.
  19. Or just apply common sense. BFE does not cause huge imbalances. There is more stats in attack/spy attack pots then there is def/spy def from BFE alone. BFE is a very very very minor issue. BFA is UNCAPPED & is a MASSIVE issue that has completely killed round wars (the type of wars we have done for years). BFA can go 10+ times the amount of stats you get in attack and spy attack pots & put players completely out of reach of others of the same CS. That is clearly an issue to anyone with common sense.

    The devs just don't want to address it since the big bfa players are the big spenders.
  20. on topic boo,off topic whats up with s5