PVP / OSW Clan Meter Reward Improvement

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by spentastic-explosion, Mar 6, 2015.

  1. I like this op. I like it a lot. I see one flaw:
    It doesnt involve milking players for nobs and seals which I think will shove it way down the priority list sadly
  2. Good questions.... I would say do family clans hit each other? It would take a lot of hits on a family clan to make a difference... I can't see that happening??

    For lose of bonus upon leaving clan.... yes they would lose it... this is purely a clan reward.... once they return then they are part of the clan... they get the bonus:)

    Whether the bonus is given as a spell or part of a standard 'clan' plunder bonus is a question? Your scenario would suggest the later.

    Questions for the development team to answer... but the basic concept is... if your in the clan you get the clan bonus earnt by your members:)
  3. Yep... totally understand that... devs have the 'hte and seal' mentality.... but give them the scenario.... lots of osw's out there.... hard Core kaw warriors.... give them targets to get a higher bonus level than their enemies.... xtals use is increased.... throw in purchasable extras and incentives to gain plunders, strip a target.... there's so much possibility...

    It was seen during the last 2 pvp events clans will buy pvp stuff... imagine what could be accomplished in an idea???

    It just needs devs to pop that hte bubble and see the possibilites ....
  4. I love this idea. If they pushed this out with an enriched clan structure that's been suggested that could bring great changes to clans.
  5. Good logical response op but personally i'm not a fan of anything that coerces players into throwing real cash into a phone game.
    All of these events including the last two godawful 'pvp' events were deliberately designed to encourage us to part with yet more of our cash in order to keep up with the leaders. Most osw clans now use hte to fund their wars already so i would like to see a pvp reward that provides equally for those who are happy the sling their disposable income at ata and also those of us that prefer to spend it on more constructive means. Like vodka :-D
  6. Yes... your right - VODKA is important indeed :) all events are designed to part us customers out of our hard earn't cash .... but this concept doesn't rely on everyone spending cash (unlike the hte clans)... dedicated experience clans will always have peeps willing to spend cash ... this concept will keep this but enable peeps if they dont want to not spend any money.

    If your in a clan that likes pvp ... but dont have the funds to buy all the stuff.. no problem.. you can still have lots of fun in osw... but only gaining a bit lower plunder spell bonus :) You might be in a small OSW and for that moment admin might decide to buy a few spells to help in a strip.... no problem.... this concept is all about rewarding clan derived PvP actions.... of course stronger clans will purchase more stuff.... but you can equaly have better enjoyment in a smaller clan bashing peeps. A small OSW clan showing a lvl 3 achievement badge is more fulfilling that a bigger osw clan showing lvl 3 ... it can be done and made enjoyable :)
  7. Sounds awesome. Would love to see this happen.
  8. Anything that improves PvP or war i'm down for it. OSW PvP n EE can all use more attention n improvements. The EB only community will carry on business as usual.
  9. Full support trust me I'm your daddy.
  10. Please calm down with the elipsise, you're gonna give me an Oedipus complex.

    OP is a great idea and I support it fully.
  11. Let this forum stay alive with a support this is a great idea
  12. Great idea support.
  13. Another moronic pvper too scared to hit anybody unless he gets some goodies. Like all others this will fail cause people will simply farm their alts or clan osf.
  14. Seriously dude, did you use your brain when you wrote this? You basically wanna bring back a forum of the pwar, and there was a reason the devs got rid of pwars. How about you smack someone for the sake of smacking him and stop your whining about not getting special bonuses? No support for this crap.
  15. This is a great idea frog it make it where you will have to hit a player a lot of time and the amount of gold you take raises your clan bar the higher you rank make the more you can make and take from a player in order to keep your bar high you will have to be taking gold from a player not just hitting.
  16. It's easy to say, but the OP hasn't got around to the logistics of programming it all in. Besides, the amount of gold you get for an action is not related to how much gold that player has out at that particular time, so a clan can easily set up a pwar osf clan and exploit the crap out of this.
  17. Here's a radical idea, OP. You like hitting ppl? Well, why don't you go around Kaw and, you know, hit ppl? Just don't expect the devs to give you a Candy everytime you do.