Psychotic Villains

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  1. That's because I have a life and don't play a game 24/7. What defines a noob? Well, noob is someone that acts an immature idiots with no manners or regards to other people. Huh, that fits you so well. And you do not have me me pinned. Pinned is having someone down to 0% troops and 0% spies. I'm at 95% spies and 20% troops.
  2. Roni don't hit Psychotic Villain members. Psychotic Villain is a main clan not a sub clan
  3. I really enjoy all the fail steals and assassination btw.
  4. Oh boy. This guy needs a lesson on nechanics.

    You are pinned if you have under 20% in troops.
  5. Ty for proving my point. Lmao. Still not pinned. Btw I never had a teacher to teach me so teach me!
  6. Plus how am I "pinned" if I can still hit?
  7. 1 hour later and no inc back from 1 eyed .They been on kaw all the past hour and self pinning in the eb.They talk big but whst a big dissapointment.and zorkey drop your lectures i know exactly how mechanics work.But dont be in a clan with a hardcore name when you cant bring it when run your mouth .i caught you a few times out of dtw .So you were on kaw the whole hour but you dont return any inc .
  8. 56mil cs and they don't know how pin works.

    I never knew PV was recruiting the handicapped.
  9. 1 eyed = Full time NOOB
  10. Unbeknownst to you all, I have had alot of inc from other ppl. Lmao. All day, so that's y I'm dtw noob. Still waiting on my spies to be zeroed. Gonna need help Roni.
  11. You're zero'd. Nice hf glitch tho. 
  12. He says dtw and zeroed but does he know what they mean?

    Also who is max plunder?
  13. Waiting for a paragraph from these scrubs. 
  14. Cmon big guys. Gonna sit on me properly?? 50% troops and 10% spies
  15. Pnz again. Can you xstal? 
  16. :-[ I'm still not zeroed
  17. it took a hour before 1 eye hits back .only because i exposed him on this thread.What a chump talks flash yet cant back it.i took screenshots the whole hour you was dtw self pinning i can show how much you are a liar one eyed.
  18. I'm bored af. Bye y'all. Keep your mouth going Roni! The more the the less inc
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.