Psychotic Villains

Discussion in 'Clans and Alliances' started by KKSKK, Jan 16, 2017.

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  1. Woah, woah.

    Wasn't roni already with killer?

    How many people tryna come through?

  2. Kasama go talk to more Catfish please
  3. Killer, I apologise if I offended you and your woman and I want you to know that I have nothing against you and roni, you gorgeous couple.

    Ultimate ship.
  4. Roni and I? Are you dumb? She's just a friend who clearly you're very salty about.
  5. .______.
  6. I understand you're trying to keep it under the table but it's not polite to publicly humilate your gf.

    She isn't just your friend but if that's how you want to act, I guess we can drop this talk but please be more considerate of her in the future.

    All the best :)
  7. You really are dumb.
  8. Lol wow , Kasama you are so intuitive and psychic !! We are keeping our feelings away from the kaw eye .Because wol goddess of Love gets immensely jealous when i am embrollied into the discussions on kaw.So she has already put a ban order in place - on Killer .He is not to talk on the thread untill roni is not linked with the clan !! But i'll leave you with these facts :- where was she when Killer was getting abuse and and nasty insults from Jackson, pipebomb and yourself ??! She didnt say one word in his defense or attack them with a alt account of hers .She didnt step in to show support for insidius villains and join i .V when they were under attack these past 2 months.She didnt defend on this thread when K3V of Monster Garage /ex Kotfe was threatening them.She didnt say one word when Dbad1 threatened to jump them with his clan bad company .She didnt say one word in defence when potato and snoopy were trash talking the clan .But she wants to take credit of being the leader of the subclan .Yet although she was seen a few times on forums reading this thread and active because the greenlight was lighted up next to her screenname.She never said one word to stop the clan being threatened or insulted. That to me isnt the quality's of a leader at all.Killer has all the attributes and traits needed to run a clan he proved it already.So i would reclaim back your subclan and run it yourself Killer as sole owner . Ninja can be leader of insiduous Villains the main clan. You can call this comment roni's wisdom ! Much love Killer .
  9. K
  10. Sorry -V- not gonner happen. i already saw you had unfollowed me this morning when you became active on that account again.
  11. Roni and Killer?

    Aren't they brother and sister?

    And I'm sure ****** is illegal...
  12. Aww Roni babes are you jealous of goddess? Poor baby I'm sure Killer will appreciate you one day, but just keep working on removing goddess from the picture! One day you won't need to see goddess as a threat and you can live happily ever after! 
  13. Why would i be jealous of her ??! You may not know joe i was asked to join back to Ultra clan last night .Wol is a 2 times runner from iG and kotfe .Lol i can hold my head up high knowing i never run from osw. And i dont let anyone insult my friends or clan.She doesnt hold a light next to me !! And i was asked a few times to join i.v its on my wall the link.But i havent got the passion to play kaw now and stay up 24/7 on kaw to hit ebs.Facts are apart from a few on has been over run with idiots and vile people. it's lost its appeal that it once had .Where was wol when Swabia was insulting and threatening psychotic villians ? Yet again she never said one word. If you choose the name " psychotic " you have to at least do it justice.Also wol doesnt fight her own battles despite her bigger stats.A few months ago she came on my wall not alone but bringing aman ra machine to threaten me with her So i hit them both!.Then aman told Armenian from warlor .Who then came and threatened me on my wall.Lol at least i dont need a tag team to fight my battles for me i do it on my own .
  14. Roni, you spend so much time typing this **** up. Why don't you stop all the noob girl talk and back up with the inc aye? Sound like a butthurt nooblet.
  15. I can't believe Killer is letting his clannie talk like this to his pudding pop.

    Should kick viper for badmouthing your gf, dude.
  16. you were already dtw one eye and get it right its you who is the noob .You only just played 3 years and 2 months. im 4 years and 9 months.I get jokes when people call others noob thinking it makes them appear hardcore and a veteran .Know your history wally.And i hit you fb steals yet no inc back.
  17. exactly Kasama ! Look at one eyed's battles 47;000 aint he hardcore ! Yet calls me a noob.
  18. 45minites later and not 1 inc back from one eyed .Yet they are dtw so can only steal or scout them.Next time think what you say before you say it 1eyed.
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