Psychotic Villains

Discussion in 'Clans and Alliances' started by KKSKK, Jan 16, 2017.

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  1. i was in A.D.H.D clan i dont know you either yet you appeared on soul's tribute thread.Sounding exactly like foxey-rox3y.
  2. Oh yes I was good friends with Jord. On here and in RL. She made the thread. It would be pretty poor taste, considering the content, to think she would bother commenting on different acc's for effect
  3. i wouldnt put anything past rox3y .
  4. Well i know from experience that viper is no more than a wimp word in kaw is he is a war runner
  5. How da heck are you??
  6. And what osw did I run from?
  7. So many haters, shout out to all of y'all for making us known.
  8. Idk Viper I didnt think u did
  9. I heard from a member of rpl that you left the clan during an osw
  10. I told him to come here but he was actually still hitting LSA from here, i've the SS to prove it, if you wanna say something make sure it's true.
  11. Im going by what i was told

  12. Keep running, u lil legend T_T
  13. "HEARD" NOT FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE!! LMFAO. Second, they got worried that I had too many connections to lsa. Therefore I got the boot. Their loss.
  14. Waiting from incoming from you guys.smh
  15. I actually look kinda hot if that's me kasama. Lmfao
  16. Kasama is Just a fan girl
  17. Soz to inform you but even though viper is renowned for their 100m sprint

    I really am uninterested in the sport as a whole.
  18. Lame response
  19. Ur a poopypants
  20. Ps with Allies, real smart.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.