Psychotic Villains

Discussion in 'Clans and Alliances' started by KKSKK, Jan 16, 2017.

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  1. You have wasted countless hours of your life obsessing over a mobile game...congratulations?
  2. Once again...You have wasted countless hours of your life on this mobile game...congratulations?
  3. You have spent day in and day out making up new accounts .Well done try grow one and stop hiding from telling who you really are talking from a statless alt.Coward.Just proving who really is the noob .Because using the word noob thinking it makes you appear cool .Actually makes you look a idiot.
  4. incendiaryDevice= pipebomb
  5. When did I say "noob"? (excluding that single utterance)
  6. u wot m8
    Roni is actually right. She solved the great mystery...

    A pipebomb is indeed an Incendiary Device.
  7. Dis boi, op.

    Got dat Insidious, Psychotic and LOYAL as dey banner

    We get you're trying to respect the memory of your DEAD clan and about the psychotic, we all knew you were pretty bonkers.

    But dis loyal talk...

    Wat u tryna say?

    We all know you ain't loyal. You runnin' 'round tryna ditch yo chick. Roni gettin' hit by dis viper puss.

    Nah boi, dis aint how dis works.
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  8. If we're so dead why do you keep posting our our thread? #Saltyyyyyyy
  9. Lol it's showtime and a osw is now on. one eyed viper yesterday as you all read acted big saying roni get help to zero my spies.Well WombRaider like a Knight in shining armour swooped in on the 1 ey3d prey and took over Lol. And then apparently someone in Villains threatened WombRaider's clan. That they will hit the clan if he dont stop.So now osw is on between Apex of Evil and Psychotic Villains. Seems one ey3d viper cant handle inc and crys for backup when under pressure.What a baby can talk the talk but cant walk the walk !
  10. Aren't you meant to be defending your lover's clan?
  11. Wombraider PnZ, Scabrony Pnz, Mom Lover PnZ, Has been for the past for hours (Evil Mom Lover has been) that's not the story at all. Wombraider was hitting our roster So I told the owner I what I was gonna do and he got salty asf
  12. i defend people getting bullyied or people being called sick and cruel names. But viper brought it on himself.Thinking he holds any weight on kaw like hes some star player that he can talk down to people.Not happening .He got played at his own game and it blew up on him .He was shown to be a liar and he cant handle inc.Yet called me a noob when i have fighted many clans by myself being clan farm and i dont cry to no one for help. Proving he aint no big man at all .
  13. Pretty sure roni and killer are meant to be together
  14. How bout no.
  15. Ouch. Poor ron ron is finds herself the victim of unrequited love.

    *unrequited obsession
  16. Roni, I didn't complain to anyone. I want proof that I complained. Oh dang, there is none bcs I didn't lmao. As far as inc I haven't had any from you big talker. Ur buddy wonbraider take over for you?
  17. Nothing from you in 1 whole day one eyed.Drop your fake talk pipsqueuek you never hit back yesterday and no inc whatsoever from you today. You play dead.You not even worth our time peewee.
  18. Ur not worth my time. Womb got inc.
  19. you soon shut up and make excuses when i hit you fb spys and you go dtw .What a chump you are.
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