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  1. Need a last minute push to reach q2 revenue goals is my thoughts. But not complaining yay gold!
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    Woohooooo Golddigger ai gooo
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    Is it another summer of promos?
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    These are so awesome. You guys could make more money though by releasing a date when it will start. Then people will stock up on seals and horns. Then you guys could make more dollars while we make more gold
  5. truthfully

    I love seeing ppl cry cuz it's devs trying to make more money lol if anybody was educated enough about this game they wld know that the devs don't make that much with this game as u think, esp not compared to a lot of other games, they aren't rolling in money piles lol and they're doing the best they can with the game with what they get from it...and for them to bend over backwards and change things within the game just cuz of everybody complaining I.e. The feather hunt rewards, makes them the best dam devs to any game that I can think of...I enjoy what they do and I have a ridiculous amount of fun on here..keep it up devs!! 
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    A countdown clock would be useful on these promos as well.
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    No support 
  8. Going to upgrade a bit
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    I still love this picture [​IMG]
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    I also noticed that glitch lol
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    You have to time things just right for that glitch to occur.
  13. what about putting GMT times devs? -.-"
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    GMT is just 7 hours. You should know your time difference from the devs TZ ;)
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    Staying up till 7am... Sad
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    Lets see an extension on this delicious promo Tommorow 
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    Increase crystal usage please
  18. Have to pYay for server space some how :lol:
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    So, a month ago there was too much gold in the game, and now there is not enough? I don't get it.