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    Dang just thought about this. I just started getting into war and now this comes now I can't war for 2 days 
  2. An hour ago? Lmao
  3. can you not see the time this thread was posted?
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    Thanks devs
  5. Was posted less than15 mins ago..I posted 2 mins after that
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    Devs need money for their Bugatti
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    No a day ago but thanks pinky
  8. Was posted 11:41 pm..it just after midnight forum time
  9. yes, over an hour ago now.
  10. Lmao ok mate
  11. im not on pc so cant see that. my device says an hour ago
  12. thread was posted 20 mins ago not an hour ago
  13. I see. Dont know what device u on, but im not on pc
  14. ah, i see what you mean by forum time now. lol whoops. its an hour before my actual time :/
  15. Kaw on droid has always been wierd.
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    They should do 50% off seals as a promotion.
  17. On android you see time^
  18. This is the best news since creative returned.
    Oh wait, creative is still locked away :/
  19. well now that i made myself look dumb i'm off to read other threads lol