Problems with recent event equipment, charms, and rewards

Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by Biyamiti, Apr 8, 2018.

  1. Update

    I received a message back from feedback about my original post. Ive been asked to help perform some additional in game testing to look into this issue.

    Will provide additional updates when I have more information to share.
  2. Thanks for all of your work on this Biya
  3. Thx Biyamiti......It’s kinda ridiculous for devs to need players help confirming and fixing this but...well that’s ATA for you.
  4. Nothing new here but yeah.. TLDR on stats
    Equipment charms: 0
    Legends Charms: 0,02
    Furniture: 0,02
    (Most) equipment: 0,02
    BFA: 0,02
    Buildings: 1
    Potions, mith: 0,02
    Everything is fine to me except equipment charms are entirely useless (discovered months ago) and furniture is basically useless because of very low stats (Max furniture = 1 piece of low tier equipment?)
  5. I’m not surprised whatsoever.

    Devs are going to pull a DOJ and sweep this under the carpet.
  6. Dear devs, plse advise when yr game works ty.
  7. Bump and keep this on top of AT so it can’t go ignored by the devs.
  8. Not sure if this has been mentioned, but the newer equipment do not show up on your PC any more.If you open your profile, all the new equipment are blank.
  9. I get that you’re probably going to follow through with their request out of curiousity but they really should be handling the problem on their end versus asking a player to do so for free. Give the guy some type of compensation for doing the job you were suppose to do before releasing this set of equipment ATA.

  11. I brought this up before but didn’t have enough screenshots when I figured it out and I lost interest in collecting charms after since currently they have no real value to the game other than trading for things with value like hires or furnishings
  12. I'm hoping for someone to start such a threat...
  13. Documented proof that there are problems with game rewards, and no comment from the devolpers. Many players have spent time and money on these items, I wonder how many will continue now that players know they dont work.
  14. The silence is deafening...

    ...or should I say “dev-ening”...
  15. @peeps complaining about zero response:
  16. I would like to say I’m shocked by this, but I must say I’m not surprised 
  17. They can't be bothered to read Silky Smooth Throw Pillow Shawn.
  18. My BFE stats go to 2.137B, then "transform" to - 2.137B, decrease to -1 and then it starts counting from 0 to 2.137B again.

    I expect something along the lines of an overflow error on 32-bit intergers, but I started seeing problems around the time when I went from -300m BFE to 100m.

    Reported this and they said it's only a graphical bug but somehow i doubt that.
  19. Yeah it’s same reply no matter how carefully you try to explain the help bot picks certain words and replies exactly same message
  20. Will the devs bother to even acknowledge that this error exists and they will look into it in this forum? Thanks biya for testing and putting out proof to validate.