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  1. So below is the current standings in the English Premier league, this thread will serve as a debate thread.
    Who will finish in top 3 this season?
    Who will be relegated?
    As it stands, Chelsea is clear 6 points of man city with one game less played... My prediction is that Chelsea will win 8 points clear of Man Utd with Man City roughly 3 points shy of second. But who knows! Still 9 games left in the season, 10 for Chelsea and Leicester. Also, who will be promoted from the second division? The top three Watford, Middlesbrough, and Bournemouth. Watford and Middlesbrough are tied with 72 whilst Bournemouth is at 70, 4 games left. Should be a close one!
    What are your predictions?
    1 Chelsea 28 64
    2 Man City 29 58
    3 Arsenal 29 57
    4 Man Utd 29 56
    5 Liverpool 29 54
    6 Southampton 29 50
    7 Spurs 29 50
    8 Stoke 29 42
    9 Swansea 29 40
    10 West Ham 29 39
    11 Newcastle 29 35
    12 Crystal Palace 29 33
    13 West Brom 29 33
    14 Everton 29 31
    15 Hull 29 28
    16 Aston Villa 29 28
    17 Sunderland 29 26
    18 Burnley 29 25
    19 QPR 29 22
    20 Leicester 28 19
  2. Top 7:


    Liverpool are making Champo
  3. I think Suarez United now known as We Love Ballotelli FC will win using goal line technology.
  4. As much as I'd love to see Man U win it all they will not. To be honest they haven't played like champions either. Too much inconsistency. LVG is definitely a step up from Moyes, but he needs the next couple seasons to get settled a bit more. Then we can talk about winning the league.
  5. Honestly, any manager who takes over at Man Utd has harsh criticism no matter what. It will take a while before a manager can live up to Sir Alex Ferguson, he was a true legend. Now, Utd just has to hope that their managers can keep them up. LVG is going pretty good, his tactics are not something that Utd is used to. IMO he's doing pretty well. If there should be a new manager, i would like to see Ryan Giggs.
  6. Gunner forever!
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  8. Apic, sad to see them exit by away goals from the Europa league. Doubt they can win the Premier League, who knows.

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  9. I have no idea what this topic is about and it's tripping me the hell out
  10. English football
  11. Chelsea to win BPL, Watford to win Championship, Go London!
  12. Why did i think this was about the premier league darts? :lol:

    Anyway, i don't see anyone pass chelsea at this point.
  13. Chelsea got this in the bag #ComeOnBlues
  14. Top 3: Chelsea, man city, man u
    Bot 3: Leicester, QPR, Sunderland (Aston villa could take their place if they don't make a change somewhere in their tactics)
  15. I'm sad they got eliminated by away goals :(
  16. I would say Leicester, Burnley and QPR
  17. Bro Georgia is going all the way... Let all the upset happen
  18. Leave this talk for the real football ;)
  19. Seattle Seahawks. No soccer 
  20. If we're talking MLS, Galaxy all the way. But we're talking about EPL, so let's stay on topic