premier league top5(any order)

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  1. Liverpool
    man city
    man utd

    post your thoughts (JUST DONT CALL IT SOCCER)

    agree? disagree? dgaf?
  2. Is this about soccer?
  3. No way liverpool will do anything
    1. Man City
    3. Tottenham
    4. Chelsea
    5. United
  4. I enjoy soccer
  5. I enjoy soccer when that one guy throws the ball to that other guy in the point zone.
  6. Man utd third lmfao. What drugs are you on dude.
  7. Utd 3rd? Bahahahahahahahaha good one. The mancs day of dominating are gone they may get used to being a mid table team lol
  8. 15: Burnley ️️
  9. Liverpool just sounds weird
  10. Man utd
    Man city
    In that order