Power is in 1 chapter 1:

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  1.             Between the years of AD1300-1500, there were many types of people of certain rank or hierarchy. There were kings and queens, then princes and princesses, there were dukes, and much more. They were also known as leaders of the lands. Each leader owned an army or a clan in separate villages, as others would say. The royal families would have their kingdoms built n surrounding it would be the cottages and workshops in which villagers lived in.

    The land was named after its main founder Sir Blade. He was well known for his great sneak attacks. He hid two blade by his side n during his attack he would fake the fact that he would fight with bare hands and quickly pull out blade one. He would stab the enemy and of course the enemy always had a partner. The partner tried to run up to Sir Blade and attack but Sir Blade was too fast for them so he pulled out blade two n stab before being touched. Then in fights he used his lucky sword. On an expedition he found a great amount of land. It was beautiful and unused. He declared it his land and for centuries he was praised as a great founder of the land of THEBLADE.

    And yes each clan also had wizards and magician along with leaders and members.  The strange thing was tht the wizards of each clan were sextuplets. Each were named Ginger and in each clan they were given a # after their name like Ginger1, Ginger2, Ginger3, Ginger4, Ginger5, and Ginger6. In the land of THEBLADE there were six different clans.

    The first clan was the Death Clan. Their leader was Psycho Emperor. Their wizard was Ginger1. There were 5 dragon trainees and dragon tamers. There was 1 person who was capable of watching their dragon named Fireball. The person was Utho he rode Fireball and was his friend. The second clan was the Life Clan. The leader was Lady Olivia. Their wizard was Ginger2. Each clan had the same number of dragon trainees and tamers. The dragon owner was Arazak the 21st. His dragon was asianlord. The third clan was the Spy clan. Their leader was Warlord the 76th. Their wizard was Ginger3. Their dragon owner was Kamekazi the 14th. Their dragon was named newmanator. The fourth clan was the Defence Clan. Their leader was DarthCheese or DarthCheddar. Their wizard was Ginger4. Their Dragon owner was Ladylinner. Their dragon was Dream-dragon.  The fifth clan was the Attackers clan. Their leader was Dynamite-of-war. Their wizard was Ginger5. Their dragon was darksummnor. The owner was Pebbles the 20th. Pebbles was born in a family of 10 children. The sixth clan was the clan of Clans. The leader was SgSebas. Their wizard was Ginger6. Their dragon was tacomuncher. The dragon owner was LD_Helix.

    Yes, all these clan are located in the land of THEBLADE, but that didn’t mean they were all allies. Each were jealous of others power so every month they went to battle to c which power was truly the best. It was said in an oracle that if more than one clan lives in the same land they must battle to c which clan was truly the most powerful… if they lost they had to desert the land… but unfortunately these clans never won or lost in battles, so that’s where the feuds come in. Clans want other clans to leave when they think they’ve lost.

    Two wise men named Sexyman and UniversalEmperor were men who always found a way to solve situations related to this… What they did was they set up a meeting with clan leaders in the land of THEBLADE. They suggested that they could be friendly and unite as one large clan n not banish any clans. Although the clan leaders kept arguing across the table that it would never work with all their differences. The clan leaders wanted to do a tournament until the last clan is standing… sort of similar to many tournaments now a days. The wise men said the best way to settle things is not thru violence… but with words of peace n proper communication. They didn’t agree and they all left the tent to go rest and remain angry. The wise men soon had an idea. What they did was that they wrote notes and posted them around villages for people to see and think about. Several troops spoke out and it later began to get the clan leaders thinking. Many troops were exhausted and just didn’t want to feud with others. They felt that it was time to settle things after dealing with this feud for over 200 yrs. Peace needed to come upon them. But the question was how can we make this happen and what will happen if the argument isn’t settled?  
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