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  1. From the epa so yeah not sure how you got the 10% idea
    Methane (CH4) is the second most prevalent greenhouse gas emitted in the United States from human activities. In 2013, CH4 accounted for about 10% of all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions from human activities. Methane is emitted by natural sources such as wetlands, as well as human activities such as leakage from natural gas systems and the raising of livestock. Natural processes in soil and chemical reactions in the atmosphere help remove CH4 from the atmosphere. Methane's lifetime in the atmosphere is much shorter than carbon dioxide (CO2), but CH4 is more efficient at trapping radiation than CO2. Pound for pound, the comparative impact of CH4 on climate change is 25 times greater than CO2 over a 100-year period.

    Globally, over 60% of total CH4 emissions come from human activities. [1] Methane is emitted from industry, agriculture, and waste management activities, described below.
  2. Im curious. How are they going to narrow the selections down?
  3. Re read what you quoted from ch4 which is methane which it says accounts for 10% of green house gases. That is from humans, government is saying humans cause more green house gases than nature so they are putting humans in with nature

    Some people cannot comprehend anything they read because government run schools do not teach comprehension or common sense
  4. Naturally occurring green house gases have be here since the dawn of time and look at the world but you say look at what happened to the dinosaurs they went extinct because of a meteor that hit the earth but my biology degree means nothing because you try to belittle people what do you have to show for your pathetic life
  5. After the political carnival road circus tour of meaningless speeches, meet and greets, snacks and beverages, and after the U.S. government and citizenry divies up a couple hundred billion amongst the candidates for their roadtrips around the U.S. and world. And after a couple hundred million dollars are spent on medium production value, low quality, outrageously misleading media campaigns, and a few laughable 'debates'...there will be 'primary elections' in each 'party', and the field will be narrowed. As a registered Republican, in disbelief at the Republican elected representatives rhetoric, obstructivism, and lack of meaningful legislation......congratulations Madame? Mrs. President Rodham. Have to figure out the 'Protocol' on that. Or not. That's if any of them have the energy to campaign for another year and a half still? I don't have the energy to watch them campaign...let alone campaign. Well back to watching the tour de France while I ride a recumbant bike in an air conditioned gym and sip a fruit smoothie. Lol
  6. @Tha don

    You said only 10% of methane was made by humans which you stated was from the Epa.

    The Epa actually said that methane was 10% of the green house gases caused by human actions. The majority is carbon dioxide. So yes I had a go to you about getting the basic facts of your argument wrong.

    As for my life it's fine thanks
  7. Ok if the majority of green house gases are co2 which is needed for plants, grasses and trees to use to make O2 which is what we humans and our animals and food(meat) source needs to live then who cares

    Like I said before the government on global warming is using bad data to scare the population in to paying more for the necessitys that first world people take for granted

    Not all the data is bad but it depends on which sites they are using they have towers and thermometers improperly place all over the United States as a matter of fact I ride by one every day going to work it sits 5 feet from a road like I have said in the global warming thread that was made there might be some warming and cooling that is caused by humans but it is not as bad as AL GORE says it is

    You wanna talk about water shortage in California look at Walmart they pay a water treatment plant 89 cents for 760 something gallons of water then they bottle it and sell it for 99 cents a gallon same with nestle water they are draining rivers up north to bottle water and send it to China

    But you know I only have a biology degree that means nothing
  8. Arghh still

    Ok carbon dioxide is a needed gas in the atmosphere.
    However the rates which humanity has been producing Co2 in the last few decades has been beyond to capacity of the earth to absorb which is causing excess build up in the atmosphere.
    Co2 is one of the gases called a greenhouse gas it acts a blanket thickening the atmosphere causing it to retain more heat.

    As for the government saying its humanity causing climate change its not governments it's scientists saying that.

    NASA ,NOAA, university of East Anglia,Berkeley and JMA all help provide data and models for studying the climate and its changes
  9. does it matter who the president is? its still the same people in the congress or however its called there. And all the president candidates from a same party should have the same vision, right? why else be in the party
  10. NASA government agency noaa government agency universities government run. What is jma an acronym for just messing around

    65-85% of co2 is absorbed by the earth

    Judging by the epa co2 is on a decrease since 2005
  11. That's figures for the USA not worldwide.
    Sadly the global figures are not going down they are growing.

    Based on the global carbon project 2013 had 36 gigatonnes of carbon produced by fossil fuels and cement production ,61% over the 1990 Kyoto levels.
    2014 had a projected 2.5% increase on those figures.
  12. There's that special word projected which means it's based on a computer program that is projecting future event with an algorithm written by a person who may or may not have the right data
  13. *In 2013, global CO2 emissions due to fossil fuel use (and cement production) were 36 gigatonnes (GtCO2); this is 61% higher than 1990 (the Kyoto Protocol reference year) and 2.3% higher than 2012.

    Same site

    For the past decade (2005-2014) the average annual increase is 2.1 ppm per year. The average for the prior decade (1995-2004) is 1.9 ppm per year. Annual data for 2014 was first posted January 6, 2015, by NOAA-ESRL in the United States.

    Contradictory statements on the same web site

    *CO2 emissions were dominated by China (28%), the USA (14%), the EU (10%), and India (7%)--with growth in all of these states except for a 1.8% decline in the EU (28 member states).

    Looks like China needs to stop producing co2

    To be honest this is about U.S elections and if I can pick a part this data that you followers call good data and show how it contradicts its self then so can people who understand it more than I do

    The United States does more for global warming than any other country and it comes back to the tax payers to pay for these updates and changes which is increasing the amount of money we pay for electricity, food, water and other things

    It is a bunch of  why should USA pay more to stop something that we as a country have no control over because another country is producing more co2 then everyone else
  14. We could plant a bunch of trees...
  15. What the hell.

    Have you ever heard of the jet stream? It is weakening due to global warming. This is what is causing colder winters and wider fluctuations in temperatures.

    And you can determine whether or not glaciers are melting simply based on the ocean levels, which are rising. You can also just look at the poles of the earth and keep track of the latitude/longitude in which the polar ice reaches. It's been diminishing for some time now.

    There is SO much evidence for climate change and there is such a wide support for it in the scientific community that I have no idea why I should have to explain this to you.
  16. It is NOT a matter of BELIEVING in climate change.

    It is a matter of understanding it
  17. Polling with whittle down the worst candidates now, then after now, the primary election will take place to pick a candidate for each party. The winning candidate from each party will be the person running for office for that party.
  18. The sad part is because of the mame. "Global warming" in stead of climate change. People and political powers do not believe in it. However there was a time when people believe the world was flat. That did not make the world flat just there believes in the global structure
  19. Don,

    The fact of the matter is that we are adding NEW gases to the atmosphere by taking carbon and other fossil fuels in solid or liquid form, and turning them into a gas.

    Obviously when you add more greenhouse gases, the greenhouse gas effect will be more prominent.

    Planting more trees isn't really the solution to taking gases out of the air.... Because it mainly just converts a greenhouse gas "carbon dioxide" to another greenhouse gas "oxygen". Trees still are a solution because they can be turned back into fossil fuels over the course of a long time... Thus, reducing the amount of greenhouse gases in the air.

    What needs to happen is we have to take the gases and take them out of the system, that is, turn them back into liquid/solid so that there's fewer greenhouse gases.

    It will probably take tens out thousands of years to reset the greenhouse gas levels back to where they were before. When the dinosaurs lived, the surface temperature of the earth was much higher (I think about 60 C average), because the greenhouse gases that are now locked away in fossil fuels were in the atmosphere then. If we were to pump all the fossil fuels out and burn them, we'd reach a similar temperature on earth that it was in the dinosaur age.

    I'm not a scientist and don't have any major degrees yet, but not many people here have climatology degrees either. A biology degree doesn't qualify you to discuss climatology. They're two very different things. My argument is simply based on logic.

    Yet, even though I may not be an expert on this subject, I can tell you that 97% of experts from various parts of the world DO agree that it is occurring, I will be more inclined to agree with the majority of scientists.

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