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  1. Well... I'm not really sure what you're getting at with that post. Obviously politicians have to have popular policies if they are to win. I don't see how cronyism has anything to do with environmental policy.

    I hope you aren't suggesting that green environment policies are related to cronyism and corruption in government. If you are, I'd like to see how you came to that conclusion.

    Global warming is something else at a critical point... Since 1850 global temperatures have risen by 2 degrees. We're burning a lot more fuel than we used to. Carbon emissions aren't even expected to decline at all until 2030.

    If global temperatures increase another 2 degrees, mass extinctions will take place. Another 2 degrees after that, the glaciers will melt and the ocean will consume vast amounts of land.
  2. America is a capitalist country. And it has always been that way and that is the best way for it to work. However, some things are not good for capitalist ideals such as Healthcare and Education. But the number of those things are small. Bernie as well as Hillary are not really democratic in the least bit. They rely heavily on socialist ideals. And if we create a population that leeches off of itsself, soon it will be death by suicide, as a whole. Sure, it sounds really great and helpful at first. But there really is more than meets the eye. In the long run, it will create way more problems than we already have. In the long run, it would ultimate weaken America and rot us from the inside out. And we would no longer be the super giant we once were. A level playing field with the rest of the world sounds fair and equal. But its not what we want and it is certainly not what we need. I will never cast my vote to anyone with too many socialist ideals. I'd rather not kill my own country for future generations to come.
  3. Tha Don I want to look at your post about how you say that Sanders will turn the USA into Greece economically.

    Greece is in the trouble it is in today because of Reaganomics. It deregulated the banks and the banks collapsed basically for the same reasons why the American banks failed. However, Greece also took illegal loans from banks as well. As you can see, the deregulation of banks aren't a part of Sanders' policies. Sanders' policies are far different than what caused the problems in Greece.

    Sanders has the Nordic countries more in mind. They generally have high happiness levels, good economies, good education levels, and low crime rates.
  4. No I think it has to have a notice of bias but it's not banned ukip wanted to ban it but they got crushed in the election.

    Also climate change isn't denied by government here in UK in anything like the same way it is in the USA. There are detractors but by and large it's an accepted fact that the climate is changing and human behaviours are the most likely causes
  5. As much as I'd love to see a great rep. Candidate run against Clinton I just don't think there is one .... No one running will get full backing of the party and I don't think anyone running really has had a clear voice to win over swing and independent voters who might be on the fence .... Add on top of that its a women dem. running against them and U have Obama all over again ... Getting votes because she's a women and the first one with any real shot ... Think we are stuck with a dem. in office for atleast another 4 years

    I should be more clear myself by great I mean politically conservative without the Religous bias

    Also it would be nice for once to see two great people running rather then two mediocre choices
  6. Bad robot, America has always been capitalist, but policies have changed in the past 40 years which make it very hard for the average person to succeed. America 40 years ago was probably the best country to live in. It also had a lot more equality than it does today.

    The USA today is more productive than 40 years ago, yet the median person earns less than they did then when you account for inflation. Because of this, lack of consumer demand is slowing the economy down. Businesses aren't selling as much as they used to because people aren't buying. When there's few sales, they're not gonna hire more people.

    Clearly if life is getting worse for people, there's been some flaw in policy. Somewhere things have gone wrong.

    Which gets around to my main reason for supporting Sanders... He's opposed to the current system, in which billionaires can buy elections, in which a candidate does not win based on his ideals but based on how much donation money he can get from Wall Street.

    This donation policy has only been around since I think the 70's, but it has changed the political spectrum in America lots. After the law was passed was when economic policy really shifted towards giving tax cuts to the wealthiest of people.
  7. Greece is in trouble today because of a socialism government that allows people to retire early with 100 percent benifets and there is not enough to people to pay those benifets also with 87% of the population not working that is easy to do

  8. Global warming is based on computer generated models with false data as most thermometers are improperly place by streets air conditions just a few examples the earth has actually been in a global cooling phase for the last 10 years
  9. When the only option is 2 right wing parties bent on creating wealth the average person or the poor r not in the equation.
    Terms such as centrist is a load of manure to coddle votes from the average citizen n the poor. Never knowing what a left wing party is means cannot relate to what centrist is let alone social values.

    The gap widens n so will the problems.
  10. A good question is how the NCAA can make billions exploiting athletes n still charge high tuition. My answer is its business 1st.
  11. They really screw us middle upper class folks. Paying high taxes and we don't qualify for the rich benefits or the poor benefits. We work hard for our families to supply a wealthier lifestyle and were forced to live as middle class. Why should I be penalized for grinding my entire life? No college degree here. Pure commission sales being hosed by the man and people who want to leech off the government-not work, and claim benefits.
  12. Which president supports the upper middle class-I'm voting for him. I tried voting for alternative fuels as an independent voter and I'm tired for looking out for people who don't help themselves.
  13. Tha don can't be bothered to quote you but Greece has a 25.6% unemployment rate on last recorded figures March 2015.

    You just spouting off random nonsense again ?
  14. Random nonsense is ppl of a nation spewing about socialist ideals when no left wing party exists. Never known it hence cannot opine about it. Let the gap widen n keep eroding the middle class while the world moves on.

    Why is it parties move to centre?
    A: moderating includes all ppl.
  15. My vote goes for Ben Carson Nathan.
  16. That is the only thing I like about him but he still is an ass though...
  17. Bull s***
    Being a scumbag business man is not qualification to lead a nation.

    Do you want Mark Cubin to be the next president? He's rich, must be able to fix this economy. Right?
  18. President Cubin led the nation out of crisis one tittie flash at a time.

    God bless
  19. Not Hilary Clinton