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  1. Example?
  2. True but its a bit early to mislead people about who you actually are.
  3. Bernie was supposed to be an independent candidate. He is now democratic.

    Edit: Democratic Socialist I should say.
  4. Bad he's trying to get the democratic nomination as no independent candidate can match the money of the two main parties so can't be an effective alternative

  5. He is an indepedant. However he usually sides with the democrats on most issues. He's worked with them more often than not. Do you know the last time we had an independent nominee win the general election? Because I dont. He is a realist. He needs the democratic ticket to have any chance. Not to mention the devision among democratic voters who would vote Sanders would enable the republicans to actually pull of a win. And god know this country can't survive another republican president. So no, he's still who he has always been, he just knows how to pull off a win.
  6. I doubt he will ever win. He is just pushing the Democratic agenda. Whatever supporters he has will vote Democratic when he is knocked out of the race.

    And I wish more people would vote third party.

  7. PSH! Well with that attitude he wont
  8. I hope people aren't looking forward to a socialist president. Then we're really doomed.
  9. I said I'd put up hopefuls if people voted for them (I think I said that at least).

    The thing about politics in the USA is that the more centrist usually wins if one candidate has radical views (compared to the status quo). If Ted Cruz is against Clinton, then Clinton will win because Cruz is right-wing extremist even for the Republicans.

    So, basically if you want one candidate to win, you will get the best odds if you choose the most far from status quo political thinking.

    I'd like to see Trump vs. Sanders because that maximizes the chances of Sanders winning, since Trump has brought up stupid ideas such as "building a great, great wall at the Mexican border" and giving Mexico the bill, invading the Middle East again specifically for oil, imposing sanctions on Mexico if they refuse to bend to America's will, imposing sanctions on China if they don't bend to America's will, placing tariffs on international trade, specifically on Mexico, China and Japan, and becoming an ally with Russia to counteract pissing everyone else off.

    I'd also like to see Trump vs. Sanders because that would be one hell of a debate. Trump is probably the most outspoken of all the Republicans and isn't afraid to say his thoughts, no matter how much they might hurt him.

    I think Sanders will win the primary since statistically, his popularity has been surging extremely fast. Clinton has much more money to spend than him which could make Clinton a very likely candidate as well.

    Now onto my thoughts on Clinton.

    Clinton looks like a joke. She says she stands for the people while building her campaign on the donations of the billionaires and millionaires. I don't think many people are going to buy it by the time voting comes around. And quite frankly, I don't like her speeches either. How can you run an ad saying that you support the average person when that ad is funded by people who want the exact opposite?
  10. Huh?

    Lol... If anything its a bit late to start misleading people about who you are.
  11. What's wrong with the wealthiest country in the world spending trillions on their own people, instead of uselessly bombing other countries?
  12. Democratic socialist. There's a difference.There's a big problem in America with income inequality and he wants to fix it. Take away those big tax cuts to the rich and give the money back to the average guy, and those who will put the money to good use.

    The money could be put towards subsidizing university costs. Health care for everyone. Rebuilding infrastructure. There's lots of places that jobs can be created.

    Let's also look at the fear of "wealth redistribution". Are tax cuts to the wealthy and cuts to social programs not wealth redistribution? Is it not time to actually take that redistributed money and give it back to its rightful owners in the working class?

    Edit: I am referring here to the "Reaganomics" that have taken hold of America since the 80's. It was a time in which taxes to the rich were drastically cut in hopes that the money would "trickle down" to the average person.

    America will be irreversibly damaged if there's another Laissez-faire, trickle-down, bible-thumping, "climate change and science aren't real" idiot president. Today it's almost impossible for someone to win without Wall Street's approval. Think of what will happen if it gets any worse.

  13. Real talk
  14. Why do Americans need to subsidize universities more than they already do? I believe in the value of education, but, god damn! Have you seen how the universities have ballooned their staff in size? The secretaries have secretaries. Redundancies are everywhere. The American (and Canadian) universities are overrun with waste.

    Instead of the knee jerk reaction of throwing more money at stuff, let's try to make stuff mire efficient.
  15. As for global warming..... Do you really want to fact check the high priest "al gore"?

    You know that England forbids the movie "an inconvienent truth" from being shown in schools as an "educational" video.
  16. I get the whole global warming thing..lol

    People wanna "save the planet" and this is "feel good science" connected to power politics.

    Politicians get power, cronies get money, and the public supporters get self righteous warm fuzzies.

    Everyone wins. It's powerful stuff. It's just all also a house of cards.
  17. Moose I personally believe universities should be nationalized, not subsidized.

    The private university market has inflated prices, and the average person who wants all these extra services in favour of less service for less cost has helped this occur.

    I think that by nationalizing the universities they could become a lot more efficient. If they aren't nationalized but only subsidized then you just have basically Obamacare.

    The problem is that university costs so much, people cannot afford to go and are deciding instead that it's not worth it to go. That's not good for anyone, especially if there are very bright minds deciding not to go.
  18. That's a fair point, and well stated. Do bear in mind however that public universities are also very expensive

  19. Agreed, lots of waste. Doesn't mean our infrastructure isn't crumbling. Doesn't mean our poor people arent suffering. Yeah yeah work hard and get a job.. But capatilism has built in poor people. Someone's got to lose. Why not take care of our own instead of demonizing them?
  20. I don't agree with everything Donald trump has said but what I gathered from him is that if your here illegally then you need to be deported and the boarder needs to be fixed but if your here legally then your fine the United States was built on immigrants but do it the right way

    Me personally Ben Carson is the best candidate because he's not a politician

    Bernie sanders is all for a socialist government and it we keep moving like we are we will end up like Greece

    Clinton has more scandals then the real house wives of Atlanta

    Bush needs to stay what he is a bush and go no where just to add color to the yard

    Rand Paul wants to legalize every natural grown drug would be good for the economy and to keep drug cartels like the CIA from pulling double standards

    But as of right now I haven't payed much attention to anyone in the race but as I said before Dr Ben Carson would be the best and if not him then Donald trump only because he is a good business man