POLL - USA election candidates

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  1. I'd vote for a monkey over any of the current candidates
  2. They have the option to easily allow all groups to post polls (Members, Moderators, Admin) but only have it set for Admin to do so. Everyone would be posting polls and it would be annoying as ****.

    On topic: They all suck.
  3. Dont be like that about Promar.
    Hes going to lower taxes and bring peace to the middle east.
  4. Actually ata does manage the forums. Kaw community is the one that made all these changes
  5. I know, was just repeating the lie we had been told.
  6. You realize Steve Carell will likely support Clinton right?

    A better gif would be Clint Eastwood screaming "no" at an empty chair.
  7. But you called him racist -_- like your not a race... Your skin color isn't "Australia"
  8. Donald trump he could pull us out of our economic decline if he choices to
  9. It's not really a matter of him supporting her or not. It's more about him screaming "no". :lol:
  10. I'd vote Bernie Sanders over both a monkey and the other candidates. You should watch some of his speeches
  11. Going to do a count now.

    Also, I have no idea who Promar is. Google doesn't come up with any results for it so not going to put Promar up
  12. I vote for Vermin Supreme.
  13. Kate Upton
  14. Justin Trudeau, says "the budget will balance itself."

    Vote: Stehpen Harper. Justin Trudeau just isn't ready for the job.

    Wait, are we talking about the American candidate for election or Canadian candidates for prime minister?
  15. Bernie* Sanders.

    The only person to rely on facts and reason. Not rhetoric and fear mongering.
    A true polotician for the people, he talks the talk AND walks the walk.

    Feel the bern!
  16. I'd like to see Hillary on the democrat side and Ted Cruize on the republican side.

    Btw, your list forgot Scott Walker. This is a glaring omission.

    Scott Walker will not be president, but I predict he will be a vice presidential candidate.

    The republicans will offer Scott Walker as a running mate in the ticket to appease the tea party and attempt to deliver Wisconsin, who hasn't voted republican since Regan
  17. Idk who Bern is, but which ever politician can do that deservers to be the leader of their country.
  18. Bernie is a bit of a liar.
  19. Ok, I take back what I said then :l But aren't all politicians liars? It's like we hire them to lie to us.