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  1. Hi all, can anyone explain me please why plunder from eb drops after upgrade 2 nymph from 6 to 8 and again after upgrade selachian from 8 to 9 and kraken also? I did check alliebonus and it was in same eb, br was also the same. Thx
  2. There wasn't a need for you to check if you were at max plunder, 10T in allies is more than enough lol.

    Hopefully a discussion on this can happen now to see if there is a drop in plunder at certain levels.
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    Don't know if this helps, but we had this during the T6 upgrades too? Something to do with getting too strong for the EB?
    Not sure.
  4. Depends on the EB.

    As you grow stronger, may need to hit higher EB. Also, need to consider that sometimes you may need to keep upgrading for your plunder to shoot up. It may dip, but eventually it will sky rocket. Hope that helps. 
  5. She asked earlier and it was immediately eagled and she was told to check max plunder lol. Op I don't have a clue
  6. That old thread was when T6 or one of its new tiers first came out. It lowered plunder by like 30m when we maxed. Doesn't count, was immediately fixed soon after.
  7. Yup unnecessary locking before she got a reply that correctly answered her question.
  8. It's with lotl, so no small eb. Answer email kaw is that's normal and it will keep challenging the game. Sorry, but a bit weird answer. I got 12tr allies and clanmember got 24tr allies but same problem. Anyway thx for help all!
  9. So certain levels do drop in plunder, joy...
  10. Yes Lisa, same problem here. Playing lotl and upgraded a nymph from lvl 8 to 9. And yes plunder dropped again. Happened with 4 upgrades before. Devs say its normal and it's there to give players a challenge so playing will be more yes.
  11. This way no fun at all upgrading, better hire allies so your plunder doesn't drop
  12. And tulip, you got same answer then me
  13. How is it fun when ur plunder drops after ug?It just sucks.
  14. If you dont like it dont upgrade damn noobs whining about eb plunder when your huge you probably get 4x as much as me.
  15. Do I see someone whining about someone whining? 
  16. Who's the one whining @ grizzy? ;)
  17. Lisa just asked a question about game mechanics and that it is failing atm ;)
  18. Difference is i dont care about plunder I have to many towers for my size to care I just have fun.
  19. I had the same issue and got the same answer from devs. Now more interesting thing is, for same upgrade plunder dropped on lotl but increased on HTE, so i believe it is by design.

  20. You need like 20+ strongholds of shadow for your plunder to go up :') i remember that was important back when sos was best spy building :lol: