Plunder Towers

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  1. There should be a building the same tier as hf where you can buy it and get 0.5% plunder boost from ebs. The building should have no stats just plunder % bonus and say it's 75b to put down and 300b for second upgrade then 500b for 3rd upgrade. The % bonus will go from lvl 1 (0.5%) to lvl 2 (3%) then to lvl 3 (6%).

    This would benefit those who have extra lands but don't want to grow any bigger for example my build is sh and I have lots of extra lands in hf area so it would benefit me to get these towers.
  2. 100% sure this is gonna be spammed by people saying get a real build (like mine) 

    Edit: 100% sure your gonna get hate here to ✌
  3. I agree
  4. So sh can get more stuff to exploit with?
    No support op is a noob
  5. This is only for ebs not wars 
  6. There's to many plunder promos now. Way to easy to make gold.. why would we want plunder towers?
  7. So more stuff like this happens

  8. Lets say that this were to be implemented. You could receive a plunder boost from lands in Hoafrost.
    Accordingly, you are saying players would receive a 6% Plunder max for each Plunder Tower.

    6 x 25 = 150%.

    This would be 150% permanent plunder. This would help players in an incredible way, but then there will be low stats players with huge bfa.

    There is the good thing of this coming which is players could get more gold from epic battles. Then there is the bad thing, allies price would sky rocket.

    Have in mind that not every player has access to hoarfrost lands, so this would only benefit those who, have them unlocked and have the money to upgrade them.

    Doubt this idea has been mentioned before. Good Job on coming up with it. But try to balance it. For example with these PvE Plunder Towers, your PvP Plunder drops. Or with this PvE Plunder Towers you cannot buy allies after reaching a maximum of "X" number of allies.

    Happy Kawing, Everyone.
  9. Thanks for feedback
  10. Stupid. Build towers and ee to get your bonus. Or spend your money like everyone else and buy your plunder Noob
  11. They should make more equipment with plunder bonus instead
  12. Support
  13. Towers are awesome mostly because of the decrease in plunder otherwise known as the sacrifice…maybe make a pink building with unicorns to help with a plunder increase but keep towers what they are…cold and unforgiving
  14. We have this… its called upgrading. Gives stats and plunder.
  15. No.
    Just no.
    This is one of the worst ideas posted on forums that I have actually bothered to read.

    This is so easily exploited, as they guy before me said 6x25=150
    150% in itself is enough to exploit HTE like crazy,
    But stack it with EE 5, that makes 200% bonus plunder... Then add whatever Blood Rains you have....
    So no, way to easily exploited.
    No support, at all...
  16. You suck op
  17. This is the best idea I've ever seen, and with no possible exploits or room for improvement..

    Poppa is proud of you little buddy, good work 
  18. Hey MyName. Theres a technology named Upgrading. Its added plunder there :wink:
  19. Lol. No. Hahaha
  20. Support