Plunder for t5

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by ldeasAreBuIIetproof, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. As a hansel I was wondering whether the new t5 make a big difference to plunder and the new t5 made a difference to anything other than stats? And did it make a worthwhile difference to stats or plunder?
  2. Mine is a gazillion gold. It's impressive.
  3. ^the crowd goes wild....
  4. Hmm don't know don't care hey jas it's lich long time no see
  5. Really? Oh wow how long has it been? Like ageesssss how you been?
  6. Good, been busy, you?
  7. Stats gone up a bit and plunder gain isn't very noticeable yet...
  8. If one even occurs. Might not.
  9. Honestly I'm shocked plunder didnt drop like it does when converting from guild level 4 to SOS level 1.
  10. after building 12 t5 buildings (Damm that cost a lot), i found my plunder went up. so it's worth it. ;)
  11. So straight for t5 from guilds 