Pingoo's Guide to Un-noobing Yourself

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by *PingooPingoo (01), Jan 1, 2012.

  1. Have you been called a noob?
    Playas be hatin'?
    Follow these simple steps to not be a noob:

    1. Don't asked to be hired, instead, post your stats and price in the world chat. Remember, spamming is for noobs. (Stupid forum posts are usually from noobs)

    2. Find a good clan. Good clans usually have sub-clans for growing. You need to find one of these. Noobs aren't in a good clan.

    3. Don't attack/spy someone more than five times, or they will get mad... Only noobs farm.

    4. Remember it's just a game and don't get upset. Noobs get upset.

    5. After reading all the guides in the strategy section, ask questions if needed. It's the only way you will learn. Don't ask stupid questions though. Noobs ask stupid questions.

    I hope this guide helped you to un-noob you. See you in game!
  2. .......*sigh*
  3. you realize youre on of us now dont you PFFFFTT YEAH IM STILL A NUB wadya want?
  4. Pingoo, you could use this guide
  5. 'Only noobs farm'??? Only noobs NEVER farm. Or 'only noobs complain when farmed'. :(
  6. Wow really guys? -_-
  7. No, only noobs cry when they get farmed
  8. Only noobs farm... you are that fly op^[​IMG]
    *insert noob statement an spam here*
  10. LMAO leek but beat this
  11. Noobs make fail threads like this one....
  12. Only noobs farm? I believe you meant "only noobs complain when farmed"
  13. OP is noob