Pimd to Kaw

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  1. Just be sure to never use the term pimd while button mashing in kaw, you'll do fine
  2. Excuse me I come from pimd and am not afraid to admit it by any means welcome to kaw sweety if you wanna follow me on pimd just follow me here and ill share my name and also help you through any questions you have. I suggest you guys stop being jerks to other ata game players.
  3. I remember a whole fiasco that I was involved in because no one accepts pimd players. I wonder if he's still active.
  4. PIMD is not from Ata, it is from the deepest corner in a mind-depleted hell.
  5. Any pimd players who transfer here are more than welcome to follow me ill share my info with you and help on both of the games.
  6. Shadow that shows how much you freaking know.
  7. You sound angry...
    Are PIMD players forced to reset when they become angry? :lol:
  8. I have never reset on pimd and I also strip farm on pimd if you piss me off.
  9. Oh and trust me I don't get pissed off sweety I get even 
  10. You don't get pissed off, but you strip people uf they piss you off....

    Seems legit. o_O
  11. Haha I don't get pissed off but if they bad mouth me damn right they get stripped I don't play pimd like most people where it's just party's and rp I play it like it use to be played.
  12. So you are basically Freddy Krueger running around a college campus?

  13. Freddy Krueger no me and a few others decided to play it how it deserves to be played instead of a pervs gone wold type of situation. You should come over ill teach you shadow.
  14. What is pimd ??
  15. Party in my dorm -face palm-
  16. Man, the blind hatred from one tap game to another tap game is inane and uncalled for. :lol: Either way have fun and enjoy your stay here. Here we have tons of "war" like people who claim to know what war is and should be like. :D war on this game is like that exactly, war in a game. Nothing more, nothing less. Either way enjoy the game, it's fun to get into and more people will help you than not. Just the majority of people who will help you along the way usually won't be here in forums. :)
  17. Good luck. Never played pimd, but i have a good addiction to kaw. Not sure if it's the same with pimd, but in about a month you should be a kawcoholic.
  18. That's it. Ima join PIMD right now.