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  1. I don't know if this is against the rules or not, but if it is I'm sorry I didn't know. But I wud like to start a petition to bring back pwars. Anyone with me. Again I'm sorry if this is against the rules. I have not been told it is so I'm just starting a petition. :)
  2. Well it's not against the rules, but EBs were instituted to abolish pwars and slowly progress players back to real wars.
  3. i kinda agree cuz smaller guys cant enter ebs
  4. I think pwars actually helped people grow the most. I just wished we they wud bring them back. ;(
  5. And they abolished real wars....
  6. And smaller guys have smaller ebs.....
  7. Pwars kept everyone happy. People had fun times with pwars.

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  8. And the osfs made billions of profit on it.......
  9. And it takes the War out of KaW.......constantly hitting a osf gets a bit boring.......
  10. PWARS

    I personally LOVED pws thats what kelt me playin the game,they help me grow alot i miss them PLEASE BRING PWS BACK!!
  11. You cab still pwar... Nobody is gonna stop you
  12. Ugh, my brain no work. Running 21 hour days is harsh.
  13. Pwars were fun. Amd if people let themselves get attacked and stuff I think it shud be alright to get billions of dollars at the end.
  14. They werent really getting attacked as they were making millions on every hit. No, people who want pwars are the people who are too lazy to go get something themselves. Besides, EBs are pretty much the exact same as pwars except for some EBs, you can't do full unloads with minimum troop loss.
  15. Yes. When we abolished pwars a lot of my friends quit. I wish they's bring them back. (friends
  16. I liked pwars bc of the active CC.
    Ebs kill CC.
  17. I don't like pwars because like people say they get boring, and epic battles are fun to see how much money you get.
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  18. Honestly, I started out in the end of June 2011, never did a single pwar. When you are small, you get more cash off of Warbeasts, Cover of Night and the Awakening then hitting of an OSF.
    Seriously, join a training clan for a bigger clan. Rebel Inkling is a good one (I'm biased though, my former clan). That's how you make money for newbs.
  19. I do agree with xbeast though, CC sucks now. Especially after GaW came out.