Petition to Revert back to former forum format

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by SuPeR-I3aD_-X-_TH3_WaR-G0D, Feb 27, 2016.

  1. Support. The old format worked just fine if the devs can give vaild reasoning as to why this was changed then fair enough
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  2. Yeah I kind of agree. The white background really sucks needs to be darker.
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  3. This is awful. Please go back to old style
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  4. No support
    New format is fine it’s nice to have something new and fresh, people have asked for changes to forums in the past.
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  5. Does it need the old look though? Forums doesn’t need to keep the same theme as kaw itself it’s a different part of the game imo.
  6. So? And people have said they prefer the new. These forums are much better.
  7. Nah ur just stupid
  8. just put it back, i dont have time to get used to a new format
  10. Looks like active member is 25 messages and well known is 100 messages.
  11. Really only 100 posts? Jeez😂
  12. ty for the reply :) devs prolly have made a thread about the new layout just cant seem to find anything:oops:
  13. tell me about it, anything below 500/1000 is pretty irrelevant
  14. What the hell have you done devs ?
  15. What the hell have you done devs ?
  16. I think they wasted time and could have done a better job but I like that they are updating
  17. Honestly as others have said its just the colors need to be changed, dont mesh to well.
  18. Yes please - full support