Petition to Keep Zelgarad the Accursed After Promo Yes or No

Discussion in 'Other KaW Discussion' started by SlimeInDisguise, Oct 2, 2015.

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  1. To much money for to short an EB.
  2. If they were to keep this and want make the 100 nobs for it reasonable, they would have to add items and stretch the eb out, it's almost as bad as a rwb (meaning it flys by and most will miss it)
  3. No support. Get rid of this garbage and hte too while youre at it.
  4. Let's compromise.
  5. There a three types of people in this world:
  6. If hte is no longer giving enough gold to keep up, it has gone free. We don't need multiple pay to play Eb
  7. Support. I like that cost is spread over clan and not 1 person.
  8. EB Is way too short for the $10 price tag. It seems the purpose is for full clan participation but it only takes a few people to end this in less then 3 minutes. I'm sure 1-3 people could solo this eb no problem and that's where the problem lies. No support unless they make this eb twice as long as hte.

    Support to SOD and HOC fragment.
  9. NO JUST NO. HTE is already overpriced no need another one.
  10. List updated
  11. No fu king way
  12. So from what I'm seeing as of now is that more people are for not keeping this eb.

    This I can understand. It pays extremely well, and the clan effort to pay is a great idea, however, I bet most people out there are not supporting because the eb lasts for about 2-3 minutes. All the other people who are not supporters, most likely are not fans of pay to play.

    Now I want your guys' input. If the eb lasted 3-5 hours, would you change your opinion on this eb?
  13. Most of the forum community wants less ebs, more focus towards things like:
    Better warring system
    More detailed clan ranks

    Things that improve the community rather than lining the devs pockets. That's what I see from what I've been reading so far.
  14. Support, king-delta for prez lol
  15. I'll actually agree with this. Better warring system would be very nice to have. But we have to keep in mind many people play the game differently, so we have to focus on sides of PvP and PvE. I will agree, it's time for the PvP side to get some enhancements, but the devs are trying. They have a lot of good ideas, and it's hard to get them all out at once.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.