Petition to eliminate EB wait times

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by ShadyMarine, Feb 8, 2018.

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    Remove EB Wait Times!

    You force clan hoping, it’s unnecessary and frankly, how many times do we have to demand as customers that you eliminate EB wait times.

    Will ATA listen to its players? Let’s find out!
    Note: We have asked this for 2018 the year that ATA changes this antiquated system

    Paying customer

    Alternative: Reduce from 15 to 5 minutes
  2. Meh, wait timer is good for regenerating troops. Yeah you only get 3 ticks but, it's better than going into another epic battle without any.
  3. What was the reason for wait times anyway? I personally don't really see a point in it.
  4. Its so fairy's don't pinned troops. Unless they pinned them on quest also, to give us 15 mins to awkwardly stare :)
  5. Especially since on Black Friday you sell timed crux chests with you know TIMERS so there’s that too
  6. Wait times Are to reduce banks and players from 24/7 self pinning on ebs for osw players. Kaw will never reduce or eliminate eb wait clock. It’s been discussed many times over and if I removed correctly devs even stated this back in like 2013
  7. Regulators want to run there nk and hte quicker?
  8. So EBs like TS where the first bar is an items bar gets exploited. Icic
  9. Get rid of it. Support
  10. I agree to an extent.

    I've been saying this for years, if ATA wants to increase revenue, they should allow the player base to purchase eb wait time speed ups.

    There you go ATA, that one is free...if you guys need my services, it's $50 an hour, minimum 2 hour commitment.
  11. No support.
  12. Wait times don't matter to hoppers, they hop to ending ebs to get the event items. The only way to solve this is to end event lb, and people on lb are people who spends money on game.
  13. Support, the cool-down time is obsolete.
  14. Timers are to help combat those using certain types of script on pc.
  15. Before Hjolnir, the giant orc fiend smashed its fist into the hordes of soldiers running toward it. So many bodies, human lives, charging into the beast. But for what? It would not die. It seemed immortal, as it stood there among the tiny spearmen, weilding sticks pointed with bits of metal. These men would die, and that was a fact. Perhaps if they’d been granted a few minutes of respite, they could launch a more orderly attack against their hulking foe. But no, their all knowing leader had them charging back into the fray as soon as the last monster had been defeated.

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  16. No support
  17. Support. I hate waiting.