Petition to ban PS in wars

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  1. PS has too much power 1ps has the potential to decide the outcome of the war. also the saturation of them makes the current state of the game unenjoyable. A lot of the good players that used to play have quit doing Wars all together, due to the excessive abuse of this exploitable build. Most of the players that use this build only go for actions especially if they think their team is going to lose. This is a huge problem because the power that could have been used to take out a valuable Target is a wasted scouting for actions. The good players know this so they ignore the PS and Target someone else. This is an even bigger problem and makes the build a little unfair because not only are they not trying to win but, they are also making it easier for the opponent to take out the rest of the team. because they don't hit the PS as there would be no point to. they pose no actual threat to their team. However the PS able to get enough actions for max items but the other people aren't able to get enough actions because they got taken out fast because there's five or six PS on one team. The biggest issue though is when one of them starts to leak. something needs to change one person should not be able to decide the entire outcome of the war.
  2. Sorry but even when some of your points are partially valid I have the impression that you never wared against decent ps. That built can be a pain in your bum if played well and with a good strat.
    Like with any other built there are pros and cons.
    Every built is crap if the player doesn’t play well.
    Ofc there is an issue with ps being stripable. This can and is abused heavily. This could be easily resolved if allies would be freezed during all system wars.
  3. Lock or ban the Player above
  4. No freezing allies wouldn't do any good they could just sell silver bars
  5. You are tarring all ps with the same brush. I resent being called lazy. Or warring just for actions. I war daily. And the ps in my bracket would say the same. I have never seen any of them thrown a war
  6. No support.
  8. When PS stop leaking for charms I’ll consider your points valid tbh
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  9. But there are some who actually war well and try, just tired of the idiots who will throw an entire war for few bucks
  10. PS no allies no gold no Ko's easy that's how you war PS smiple as Simon says put your head between your legs clown
  11. When an alt makes a forum post I takes things less seriously
  12. All in all war is pretty well broken, some suggestions have been put forward and ignored that would make war better all round, not my ideas but some I have read make sense. bank as soon as you cast all gold is auto banked to zero and all silver and gold and allies frozen, this would mean a ps can only lose what it gains in war! 2.irrlevent of matchups equal ps for both sides .3 crestplates drop for the winning clan. 4 furniture drops/ ug items drop for winning team
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  13. When did taking statless alts seriously become a thing
  14. Ps isnt build to plunder nor ko.its to ass opp low enough so tanks/troop build can ako or plunder. Ive seen ps that an bank fast to sit koes.isnt your build is ps thought you'd know better.
  15. When PS cast woc and leave clan then their allies should not be able to hired until after war,problem solved ,or do people actually want that cheat to exist ?
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  16. Then ban them for ASW and seasonal war. PS should be banned lol.
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  17. I'm a ps and I don't leak. I understand what you mean though however that only applies to inexperienced players( not seen often in top 20k wars) as well as Alts. When players are stripped it is because they deliberately don't hide allies. Please understand that this can apply to any build. If stripped with no spies steals can be used. Your point is under certain pretext not applicable in every situation. If this was the case 100% of the time I'm sure the devs would have done something on the topic.

  18. Heck off nerd
  19. No support
  20. No support because you was able to take advantage of the PS mechanic?