Petition to add an Advertising Tab

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by _Embla_, Oct 20, 2012.

  2. I would support it but the wc would end up like all of the other ATA games. Dead.
  3. Support Mods can communicate amongst themselves who watches which chat, if there arent two on, oh well. AC can be replaced, use PM instead.
  4. Sons of anarchy get back to your eb, your clan needs your help!must be tense in there

    And btw, he's rarely looking for new members you retard, his clan post ads looking for new members yes, but not very often, read wc before u accuse stuff like that dumb ass
  5. I agree an maybe to keep the noobs from posting ads in wc mods have a ban from wc button so noobs can't post in wc if they use ads
    Btw I'm definitely supporting u rik
  6. Krypton- the other games are slow but kaw has a lot more players than the other 2. (I don't play pimd so I don't know what it's like)
  7. I disagree with you Krypton. There used to be conversations in WC before EBs and before the two line update. It was fun.

    Now you post and it gets washed away by ads.

    The mods use PC I think which has a larger buffer and no emoji. So they get to see more history. But I think the iOS version didn't get an increased buffer so we get tons of two line billboard ads for eb's and can't scroll up to follow a thread of conversation.

    There does need to be a separate place for EB ads. Make a place with longer history and reduce the message size for world chat and you should encourage talk in WC

    This is a social game. This aspect is important.

    Redouble my support
  8. It's not just general chat, wc used to be great for watching interclan smack talk and was constantly full of people being opened up by enemies, was funny as hell.

    It's all well and good saying take the conversations to pm, walls, cc, but wc used to be great for talking to several friends in several different clans simultaneously too.

    FREE WC!
  9. Support, plus they wouldn't have to get new mods, even if they spam its better for ATA, they make more money off of the advertisers buying more speakers, so they could remove the "3similar post per 5mins" in ad chat
  10. My thread is better! You jealous no?
  11. recruit more mods then in a variety of timezones. there are some great kawers missing out in that modship
  12. support 100%.
  13. Support! Let the devs work out the details...
  14. they need to do this for real i miss the old kaw lol
  15. Support , they could filter adds to separate place