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  1. No support
  2. Sorry no support as I don't see the point
    ☯★Κįη❡ Ωƒ Jμsτιc∑★☯

    BIG RED :mrgreen:
  4. Why is this thread still in AT?
  5. I honestly have no idea....

  6. Cheeze stamp of approval, support
  7. No support.

    As a hansel is already getting a higher payout in EBs, why should they get Xtals to to farm as they for however long they want?
  8. plz no spy quest....change your build if u want to be an eb fairy
  9. No support
  10. NO SUPPORT. One of the things that attack builds have on other builds like hansel.
  11. I completed all quests with a single coe and some equip.

    You just want a few xtals and nobs, dev's don't need to give you that again.

    Having trouble with a final quest? Just run a few troops post war when your mith is hot
  12. Give quest of the day....for finishing it award Crystal.......:)
  13. Mad signs up
    Both Madican and --MAD-Rathalos
  14. Support because it means that every build has plenty of quests they can do and complete depending on there build
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.