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  1. As a guild hansel, I understand that quests can be difficult. However, I don't support for the reason of: mith spells.

    Mith spells (both atk and the 1 mith spy) makes quest unbelievably easy. Even for hansel's.

    I don't quest a lot. No reason to. Unless I need an xstal, THEN I will unload troops into quest. But, tbh, spy quests aren't necessary.

    I mean, if you beat all 69 quests, you get like a total of 40 xtals? And 10-15 nobs? It's not worth it.

    This idea hasbeen brought up hundreds of times. I think they should all be locked, for redundancy, just because it won't happen.

  2. Gonna start farming stupid people now.
  3. xXx_Kevinli4321_xXx for handles though not me.
  4. When you do quests and have the spy spells on it shows it down at the bottom so I think spies should be taken away too when you do quests. Lol hope that made senseÓźĄIdk how to explain it
  5. KingNotch

    OMG I used blue for once. Anyways, even with these 50 or so pages, nothins gonna happen. (Btw signature is Oregon Ducks colors for USA Football. Google search em')
  6. Everyone email a link of this thread to the Devs, then theres a chance of it happening.
  7. I think I indicated support, but just in case:


    As for the Nay Sayers?

    "Over? Did you say 'Over!' Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!"
  8. Lormaster the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor not the Germans
  9. Support, but we all know this will never become reality.
  10. Good old Bluto.
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