Permanent 3x Scrag Drops!

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    I'm sure you'll need SS items for phase 1, TS items for phase 2, and AFF items for main bar. :lol:
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    Honestly it would have been better if dev's started this 3x drops two weeks ago.

    Aff drops R so rare (despite devs claim to have increased scroll drops) that many clans cannot run the new dragon EB unless they r a lb clan that runs b2b aff.

    Given this, starting 3x scroll drops a couple weeks ago to help prepare clans for new eb would have been more appropriate.

    Having this run for 24 hours really helps no one. Most ppl will get mayb 1-2 drops if they r lucky.
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    Completely agree with you mate. Why such a short notice? Barely any time to collect with 3x drops. Clans that can't finish Scrag EB in 4-5 hours barely benefit from 3x drops. Clans that take 10-11 hrs may just get in 2 Scrag EBs and 3x drop is over. I expected a bit more from devs.

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    Agreed should have given us a few days to a week to farm scrolls. But whatever im happy. Its one step closer to HTE like plunder i hope bc AFF already pays out close to hte
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    Lame i need more bfe now :( any war clan wants me? xD
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    My math might be bad, but I think 3x0 is still 0
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    Definitely needs an extension
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    Hey devs, please read the other thread about scroll drop rates and the actual math associated with enchanting the equipment.

    Then please give some more thought to making it 3x....or 5x.....or 10x....forever. Cuz right now 3x for 24 hours is a joke. It really is. It means nothing. It's like offering an extra 1 penny to a starving homeless guy...but only today!!!! Like it's something to be excited about for him when all it does is make him angry.
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    Lots of hate on devs. If you don't like the way they run the game either stop caring or stop playing. Voice your concerns in a constructive way instead of insulting them.

    I don't like the scroll drop rate so I just don't do the EBs. And I am not going to start now.

    Still, kaw_admin saying "Damn Straight" was the best part of my day.
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    And some ppl have school and then a few hours of homework so they can't get on.
    0 for them
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    And have jobs
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    Yeah, Other promo to give newbees a shot, while old players and creditcard users are taken for a fruitcake, But at the same time creditcard users support this stuff. anyway play to stay or kill devs by keeping your creditcard away; )
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    x10 the rate drop, makes no difference because 0x 3 or 10 still equals a big phat zero
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    Call me crazy but I heard that

    3 x 0 = 21

    Using this logic...I should get 21 scrolls
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    And have nagging girlfriends or wife's
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    @Iwarss and Tiger, 3x nothing is the Amount you get for 3x real money into fake gold. Happy fake 3x nothing all. Haha
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    Good thing it's not 0 then.
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    Developers 1 day is not enough time to get scrolls. Yet, nice to see that there is an increse.

    It would probably have been better if this event was extended for 1 or 2 days.(Provably a week).
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    After extensive research, I have determined that the drop rate for scrolls is as follows

    Scrolls dropped =

    (0.000001 x #OfActions x Value of in-app purchases in iTunes in past week) - (#OfTimesSilenced x 420)