Permanent 3x Scrag Drops!

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    My suspicion is that devs r tryin to get us all to xstal to maximize the 24 hr triple scroll drop
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    So... No love for smalls anymore? Lame.
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    are u out of your mind? please define "many"
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    I'm 3500 on lb and nowhere near close to bc, like 200are bc.

    Anyways, it's finally time we get an event that's not hte based. Thank you
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    This account went 67 straight TS without a scroll 67 x 0 is still 0 KaW, how many days was that? Think you can make it up in 24 hours? Doubtful
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    exactly what I'm trying to say your scroll drops will never help us we've been doing this for over a year and can't get crap but thanks for the triple Drop times zero
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     but triple of 0 is still 0 or ? 
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    the devs are fully aware the the drop rate is terrible. they do these things as a sort of social experiment. to study emergent behavior patterns. they are like mad social scientists.

    step 1: frustratingly low scroll drops

    step 2: ???

    step 3: world domination
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    How does this help with progress? With the extreme level of difficulty to collect enough scrolls; achieving this tedious task seems pointless. The previous tier of equipment is better. 
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    You got that during the event
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    Ding ding ding! We have a winner!
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    KAW community:

    Will a sacrifice of flesh require enchanted AFF relics to hit?

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    Is this appropriate to a 9 game?
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    Hey that EQ is retarded hard to upgrade, can you maybe make it easier or send my thoughts to the devs?
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    Yeah it's still like 1 scroll per every 1 million scrag eb.
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    To answer the recurring question. Any number multipled by zero will result in zero.
    Example .000003 × 0 = 0
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    Work is where there is realistic goals. This isn't work, it's a lottery with no system, no structure, just complete and utter luck.

    My clan do a TS nearly every day, we are a top100 clan, we can VERY rarely do AFF, because the drops are just so crappy from TS that we only have one person with equip.

    This isn't work - it's slavery (work without pay or reward) I'll be BC before I get a single one of those items.
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    just keep slapping that eb and getting your zero scrolls oh I'm sorry three times you're zero scrolls or if you get scrolls it won't register so keep on with your infinity times zero good luck
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    Would you mind guiding me to said thread kind sir for I have succumbed to extreme laziness