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  1. Support and in addition:

    When warring, when you go to a person's profile to attack them, there needs to be a back button that goes directly to there cr number and not all the way back to cr 1.
  2. As for Firefox, is it just me who finds it slow for item phases/attacking/whatevs?
  3. Thanks for the support and input.
    Changes have been made :)
  4. I support all of them except the PM one. I keep my friends list short, about 30. I doubt you actually talk to all the people you have.
  5. Full support
  6. How'd you get Firefox to show emoji within kaw?
  7. Deepends on how many tabs you're running for me, less tabs= faster
  8. Preach it, brudda.
  9. Full support !!!!

    Most anoying thing is pm. With a list close to 700 ppl its hard to see who pm'd you.
    I'll ad something else. We should be able to close the conversation once done. Right now we must refresh page. But all conversation goes same time. We should be able to close one by one the little tabs.

    And again full support
  10. Updated the OP again!
  11. More ideas would be appreciated ^^
  12. Support. Nice threadÓź†
  13. Support!!!!!
  14. I'm on PC right now - this is so relevant.
  15. The battle list is also one page, no refresh button. Didn't give many options for targets during the recent PvP event.
  16. Support
    But how could a PC spam more then a regular iOS andriod device?
    Wndriod ftw IMO.