PC Accounts locked out

Discussion in 'Wars' started by -IlI-BigCheez-III, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. Dear devs,
    It is less than 15 minutes before war starts and everyone is locked out of their PC accounts. No one can sign on using Facebook accounts (not sure about ATA accounts yet) please look into this ASAP.

    (Sorry for low effort)
  2. Yea cant access alt pumpumkilla2 in middle of hte losing massive gold
  3. Why I oughtta 
  4. LOL guess you shouldn't have make thousands of PC accounts huh? 
  5. Phone and iPad are freezing and locking me outa my accounts or messages won't send and I can't hit EBnot a happy camper at the moment. 
  6. Mines crashing on andoid as well, on KaW though no other apps
  7. Yup. My PC account cannot get on for war either.
  8. In war, max mithed, knocked out 2 min before war starts. Now IA for war. This is great.
  9. And here I am, ambling about with no alts, and therefore no freezing issues.

    Suck my feathers, my feisty friends.
  10. Yeah.. My alt can't war this sucks... I'm gonna lose my spells, 14 mith and my clan will be down 1 man. We better be reimbursed for this.
  11. Ach!!!!!! Fix the login.
  12. Same problem with my alt. Mochi works fine though.
  13. This'll be a field day.

    Everyone openly making themselves available for investigation of having multiple accts in one location

  15. Or, my PC account is locked out?
  16. Wow! How many devices do you have?! O.O
  17. @Big

    People are not specifying PC accounts. Some have said ALTS from other devices. I think it is within having an alt. This is my only device, my only kingdom, I haven't been kicked off at all today.
  18. No word from above yet Cmon ATA,fixit!
  19. Well being this thread is titled "PC Accounts locked out" When people say "alt" I'd assume its PC
  20. Mine isn't working, I hope I don't fail a bb code

    [soze=69] Relly hope not [/b]