Paul McCartney said: "If slaughterhouses had glass walls, ev

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  1. Paul McCartney is a massive wus. Possibly anemic.
  2. lmao. 
    That guy is hilarious.
  3. A world with out meat is like a not having water.
  4. Wait, what?
  5. I love meat! A beautifully grilled, medium rare, prime American ribeye = pure, mouth watering bliss.

    I find vegetarians are the same people that also refuse oral sex. Why limit your pleasures?
  6. Medium rare? Way to overcook it bro.
  7. @S65: Lmfao.
  8. Some people don't like meat, or oral sex. It can just be a preference...
  9. Meat is amazing! I agree with whisky
  10. I love meat, but I agree with Martyn... 
  11. If slaughterhouses had walls of glass....

    I've never seen a slaughterhouse in my life and I don't intend to. Why look if you know you'll be disgusted?
  12. So sad... All you poor people not wanting oral... Guess you people have never been truly butt hurt either... ?

    Well more meat for me. And lots more oral for me too!!!
  13. I know how they treat the animals and how it is in there, from what ive read and seen, and it does not put me off from eating meat, i mean, its sock the way they treat the animals but aint nothing gunna stop me frying up a good steak or some hamburgers.
  14. I'm unable to stop eating meat. Without bacon, I am nothing
  15. Plus I'm a long way from the nearest slaughterhouse so I've never seen one lol
  16. I have to say having been to a few butcher shops and actually having butchered a few animals myself I'd never stop eating meat.
  17. Well I'm almost a vegetarian. I just don't like meat. Go ahead and eat it, it doesn't make me jealous that you eat it. Do you understand that?
  18. I've thought about going vegetarian. Mostly because I can't handle a lot of stuff with meat in it. I've got a very sensitive stomach/colon.
  19. No women could be a vegatarian after they have eaten my man meat
  20. I've been in a slaughter house it honestly didnt faze me I grew up hunting/butchering fish and animals around Alaska since I was a young child so it really wasnt bad.