Pallumen and crest plates

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  1. I have two lands in Pallumen. If I try to upgrade the land it only gives a use gold option, no crest plate option. I have a goof quantity of them. How do you unlock the ability to use crestplates?
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  2. Are your buildings level 8 or higher? Crest plates are currently only available to be used to reach up to lv8. Getting to lv9-10 is gold only.
  3. Until new lands are released, then probably 9-10 available on Pal for cresties; though no guarantees.
  4. It looks to me as though the minimum building is level 8. So the crest plates seem to be not usable.
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  5. Did u fund out at what stage we can use plates??
  6. You can always convert your crest plates to gold and thereby purchase levels.
  7. On Pal lands, you can use pal crestplates for building level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, & 8. Just can’t upgrade them to lv9 or 10 with plates.
  8. Can you use crest plates to explore land
  9. No, but you can use crestplates to build buildings up to lv8, then sell those for gold. And use the gold for more lands.
  10. How many crestplates are needed to reach level 8 total
  11. 200 I think
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  12. 200 plates total.. confirmed
  13. Crest plates drops still at a minimum I see!
  14. It's a double edge sword man. It's **** drops...but if they increase they'll pump out new lands ....and genuinely I reckon that'll dig this game into the grave. It's already ridiculous what's needed to BC
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