OSW: Yafi vs NA

Discussion in 'Wars' started by The_Philosopher, May 21, 2014.

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  1. O'doul RULES!
  2. What rules bwhaha
  3. In all seriousness yafi r a joke bring in zaft safe n run. bunch of noobs pls put all of imagination below il read it next week
  4. Yup yafi brings zaft in by letting people in NA strip a zaft admin, such smart

  5. Sorry I guess someone over here forgot to tighten this guys helmet.
  6. Hehe... Yafi still trying to save their face/name? Hello! I still have 10T out but so little inc. ;)
  7. It's Chinese New Year mate.

    Everyone's gone house visiting to get their Ang Pau's Dreaming of making a huge comeback in a few days time.
  8. Hey Rip Van Winkle, have you been asleep the last year? NA never stripped ZAFT prior to them joining YAFI in osw. PE members stripped ZAFT. ZAFT leadership decided NA didn't kick out the PE members fast enough to satisfy their megalonamiacal ego and started hitting NA. This is old old news. Get current.
  9. Yep same dribble... Haven't missed anything...
  10. LOS ran to YAFI and YAFI ran to ZAFT.. I think we know who won here.
  11. Once upon a time..........

    Yafi used to clean gold.
  12. Tune in tomorrow for the sequel.......
  13. Nowadays people just watch too much tv.
  14. I called my Roomba YAFI now because they both sucks
  15. Thats quite a good post whiteghost, just wish you put that in you cc as well. You would be surprise how much honesty you can get from your clannies.
  16. Why are the posts deleted from the thread? Wow wow ;)
  17. I don't think the Roomba warriors don't want everyone to know the trick how to OSW like a pro
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.