OSW: Yafi vs NA

Discussion in 'Wars' started by The_Philosopher, May 21, 2014.

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  1. Just for info.
  2. What ever stuff you taking its worth what you paid for
  3. Ok, probably not exactly my posts. But the implication is there.
  4. Hey thanks for that information. I'll be sure to spread the word. Tomorrow though. Today's word is Bird.

    Bird bird bird birbirbird. Bird is the word

  5. yeah, we all know BI4ckblrd in NA reseted. We were rather aghast, and sad (because we have one less well paying income source).

    And it sure seems you are super happy about it and celebrating now, making it the word of your day
  6. Yep celebrating. We even dedicated a whole day to him. Yay bird, enjoy the real world. Graphics suck, but you don't have to worry about running into that nOob freeze out there
  7. We wish bird enjoy his RL as well.

  8. At least we agree on something
  9. But on this same thread:

    That would include ya__grom__fi, I assume.

    Also, a quick look at ya__grom__fi's EB history will show many EB (including HTEs) as recently as 3 months ago, months after this war began.

    Nice attempt to re-write history though, Kerman.

    As a wanna be propagandist recently said; "nothing will be true just because you say so."
  10. Freeze you do ALOT of talking but I never see any incoming reported from you in our cc.

    And why exactly are you spending so much time and energy concerning yourself with NA's members actions? Rest yourself assured knowing YOU personally had NOTHING to do with any of NA's actions.
  11. Ajtied, Do you think everyone will believe you on word and no one will check?
    Someone opened ya__grom__fi for 2 days for crux run, i see there few YAFI and a lot of guests. I guess it was hte promo time. The secret revealed :lol:

    Yes Musang, we know how much you want us to join Zaft-Apoc war and leave you in peace :lol:

  12. Please do tell Apple about the Rules of Conduct section. I believe he has failed to read that part. I only mention this as you are quoting ToU and i figured why not show it to Apple.
  13. Ohhhh... I see. According to you, ya__grom__fi was an active clan, but at some point after the start of the war with New Age (exactly when seems to be a point of contention between you and Appleseeds) yafi "abandoned" it and the only activity it's seen since was a couple of days of HTE (with the need for outside help).

    What a proud and rich clan history. I'm surprised you don't put a version of that on the clan page: "ya__grom__fi: Founded 2014. Abandoned 2014. -We fought for days or weeks against New Age and also had a couple of days of HTE, possibly during a promo."

    I feel like there's an even shorter way to sum it up, though.

  14. NA hansels pay way better. No need for me to move to IDD in hits yet.

    what's funny is Dead says yafi is a dead clan but twicc has to drop allies to upgrade more spy towers against a dead clan hehe

    And talking of that I have yet to see anyone reporting any incoming from you too

    You realise I talk more when incoming on me is lesser. Trying to draw more incoming. NA disappoints once again right after PvP event ended
  15. What's really funny is that all we have to do to not be pinned is unload troops a couple of times. Mainly because these suspiciously active players are too dumb to change up their technique without a lil help. The assassinations only work when we are inactive. Maybe appleseed should go back to commanding these beings to scouts. Ha. You see yafi has never been found out before. And thats precisely why everyone always thought they were strong. We have discovered their tactics and have exposed their weakness. Many players inside yafi "family" have no idea what we're talking about because they are kept in the dark. After a while it becomes pretty obvious what's going on. Why do you think appleseed is gone missing? Its because his cover has been blown and yafi is crumbling little by little. If i were yafi i would beg for cf so their alliance doesn't continue to fall and eventually crash. This osw has been one like no other. All the clans we have ever fought were good clans and all made intelligent actions. Yafi has shown us the darker side of kaw. Fighting a brick wall gets boring after a while. But hey, **** it we will continue to press on while the other dummies in yafi continue to build towers. :)
  16. Beer few days ago when I was supposedly on NA's CA, I get mostly assassinates too. Minimal steals and scouts.

    I subsequently pin my troops and my spies were allowed to be full. Why not continue stealing?

    You are a spy build and you know stealing burns more spies than assassinates, and hence burn less pots.

    Personally I don't do scouts. My steals are mainly for twicc and mostly I do assassinates too. It's way more efficient the way kaw is designed.

    Poor attempt by NA to reduce our incomings.

    What we want you guys to do is to hit from pin. Yes you are needed to be active every 10 mins, as we push on hits and assassinates.
  17. You're just one person and with a brain i might add. Not so sharp but a tiny brain nonetheless. The assassinate beings i speak of have no brain. Only do whats imbedded into them.
  18. Yea right , like YAFI have something that can make us worry. The best thing about warring when you know your enemies strength. We already know how you war. Why would we want you out our back. The question is about YAFI leadership character as an ally clan of ZAFT. Alliances are made for a reason not excuses. It's morally the right thing to do is help your ally when in struggled: I understand not to help your allies when they are in upper hand. My question is more about moral character of YAFI. You know we are not going anywhere. We will back our brothers and sisters in NA no matter the odds. We know we are fighting advance fighters that does not required indipendent thoughts. We are proud to fight alongside NA as brothers and sisters no matter how much the odds and advance our opponents war effort. The end of the day we can held our head high and proud friends supporter. Stop your excuses that we want you out of our back. We never want you out of our back. I repeat again YAFI have nothing humanly possible capability to scare us or make us worried. It's a pretend war game. Nothing you can do or physically harm me. I can log on everyday charged my devices and continue warring. I don't get much incs either. Again my question about your alliances with ZAFT have nothing you off our back. It's a question of moral character as a human being
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