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  1. Ok on a serious note show me your attack build And I'll destroy you til then shut up
  2. This thread has gotten so far off topic I won't be surprised if it gets locked soon.

    If you don't have anything related to the topic, then don't bother posting. HV has gone through too much trouble the last few days in getting another osw thread going. You might not approve of the motives or actions, but respect the thread.
  3. I'm a simple bystander and I only see a few Weak links in hv.. Respect to and red_cella clan.. But Leo has only proven he is they reason all his clans thread get locked... I commented and he called me gay lol, u wonder why these threads get locked? Y'all stupid or something?
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    So we going to see the 4th thread?OMG
    King sound like one of your clannies Leo. I think he/she just voicing his/her opinion. He/she could be tired or shame or bored. Dont be so hard headed. Hey! every1 has their right for freedom speech. 
  5. And btw im open for hit now Leo. Youre Welcome 
  6. Leo took on majesty before. I think last year? Idk how that turned out. I just remember maj refered to him as "Leo-shucker"....?
  7. Bigdog shut the hell up and leave leo alone
  8. I'm still around majesty isn't?
  9. Majesty was a true warrior though we went for months much respect
  10. And reason why thread was locked was it was an osw thread which mid said were not allowed which devs admitted to wrongfully deleting so once again get facts straight before talking
  11. But anyways a few more clans have joined the war against  red -cella is sick of staying self pinned 24/7 I guess
  12. And all of the strips that have happened to  including myself have been done by clan less t5 spies
  13. Smart strategy
  14. HMS Charles if u don't like wat I say then do not read it, go hit ur eb and stay off forums then u will not have to stand up for this school kid Leo
  15. My my, the thread is so happening ;)

    @FallenWing - Thank you :D Yeah. Verbal's good. Just say something simple and you'll get those mentally less-calm agitated easily :lol:

    If you mind your words a little, type a little less, you wouldn't be complaining about people wanting to hit you guys, or "few more clans have joined the war against HV" like what you said. Lol.

    What did I say yesterday about staying low-profile and minding your own business about the war? What did I say about shutting up on degrading your opponents? You're doing neither, and seemed to be getting worse. Lmao. Sorry.. I forgot that being stripped must've gotten you so worked-up that you gotta spam forum so much :lol: Hope you watch your allies more bro. More fighting, more watching, less forum - My advice for you :lol:

    This thread sank yesterday, and you bumped it back up. Ended up having yourself shoot speechless with words, and all you can say is that everyone here is thrash-talking. Lol. I feel so sad for you bro. Pathetic.

    Stripped by top LB clan T5warrior or stripped by clanless T5 spies, it's still stripping. Doesn't matter. It still doesn't change the fact that you got stripped :lol:

    I would suggest you don't talk big. Hehe. You don't even have the basic respect on respecting your opponents.. Or wait, do you even have respect at all? If you can't have some respect, simple thing would be to keep quiet.

    And if anyone is wondering how come their #1 is still #1, fact is that the poor guy had been hiding allies since first day of the war. :lol:

    Happy KAW-ing~
  16. Now I'm confused why is HV warring with cella and redstar?
  17. Haha if you read correct I said good strategy I'm not crying at all about being stripped of 100bil it's part of osw I was giving them respect by saying good strategy and as far as other clans have come to there aid this is a osw thread and I was stating what was happening .
    This is what this game is all about not talking big and not being a part of war
  18. How do you feel making fun of a kid a badass ? Yo badass, he ain't no kid. But either way do you feel like a badass trying to make fun of him if he was or you mad he's a better player ?
  19. No Charles he is mad cause he only knows hot to do eb and wants to run his mouth but not fight typical coward
  20. Yes Leo u r correct lol. Charles u really wanna start that bro? Think wisely before u hit me