Osman troop glitch

Discussion in 'Other KaW Discussion' started by SpankBank, Sep 14, 2021.

  1. I do believe I’ve discovered a troop glitch in osman rai lands. Only works from empty troops. And I’ve noticed it with level 1 empyrean lair only .
    Empty your troops on eb, then every 5 minute regen, you get 3 hits to empty again instead of 2. Handy for those regen hitters, you get 33% more plunder per regen. Doesn’t work for spies with our building tho.
  2. Does the +1 hit remain once you regen one more time?
  3. Yes but it is not 3 additional hits for the next regen. It’s 5 attacks on double regen if min troop loss (ebs or very soft troop targets). Similarly you would get 7 attacks after 15 minutes instead of 6 attacks if you don’t have the OR gt building.
  4. to clarify, when I said very soft troop targets for min loss, I meant accounts like Atlas. 😝