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  1. Too bad they won't let you.
  2. Only 1 OSF left....Benny....this group is hereby declared dead....
  3. And don't buy me you don't meet reqs... Any who wants to revive this will need 2 more OSFs....
  4. Yup, sorry, I reset... Spies are too nerfed and farmed too much... The leaderboards were getting all my OSF bonuses, barely any newbies could hit me... I had 19 land so I just restarted... New update, only 1 reset allowed per day!
  5. Not sure if the OSF's have disbanded but I regretfully resign. Thanks. It was fun helping out. Not sure if anyone will even read this but I thot I'd make it known.
  6. I'm still going whenever I have money anyone can hit me... But most people farm it nowadays.
  7. Yeah I'm still osf I just have people attack me nonstop now aswell we used to help people but now we can't
  8. Just to let you know... new users cannot hit the two remaing OSF's ( Benny & ShadowTitan ). They are "...too strong...".
  9. Really.. I feel so alone being a alone osf lol
  10. Bump for people who want to know what An OSF is
  11. Good idea, thanks for finding this
  12. We could use this for our main thread
  13. I'm trying to buy pure spy builds with no defense. Is there a thread for that?
  14. Don't think so
  15. Aw crap. Whatever then.
  16. Alright, I'll try to make one I guess.
  17. What section should I put it in?
  18. Either strategy or off topic I guess
  19. Psst........Blumpy sucks
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.