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  1. Not that bad
  2. More specifics on the number spell app so you can use the , download the app then open the app and type 91929394.59 then close the app go to general settings go to keyboard go to japan and turn emoji on.

    Then you can delete the app if need be and to use tap the world icon on keyboard to bring up the emoji keyboard tap again to revert
  3. So are we supposed to put  after everything we type, anywhere in the game?
  4. If you can remember, or just do it after posts and in world chat
  5. Attention all OSFs, due to the fact that the spam list got like 4-5 people added and Beastyboi in particular has my blood up, I am advising ( since ordering is a strong word ) that each OSF take down a guild and put up one tower and up it to 3 ASAP until further notice to stop thier abuse of the too weak clause that protects new players of kaw and to lock them out of our funds... Sorry all other farmers who have loyally kept to the faith
  6. How much def are towers? I'll make one tonight :)
  7. 32400 defence I belive, lvl 2 will work until they sell thier mass of lookouts and towers for workshops for another go at s
  8. See now arent you glad you hot us little guards 
  9. Note: if you can still break our 1LT defence the limit is still 5-7 for guards
  10. 
    I am remaining closed for a few days to free some land up to deal with farmers easier in the future. < See OSF abuser post>
  11.  im closed until further notice until I can gain some money back. I lost 70 mil to spammers. Warned all once and they stopped but damage done already.
  12.  Closed for the time being. 
  13.  for the next 12 hours, then , ask permission... I will unbank enough money for one person individually, one hit at a time... If you need hits after 12 hours, chat me up
  14. I have 400 elixir banked, ask for some hits whe. I turn , and I will sell them one at a time as you hit me... This way I can limit who can hit me and who can't during this minor annoyance
  15. Put me on ur list
  16. . By request due to abuse not putting money out currently
  17.  im open but with a tower for now. If you can attack me keep it to 5 unless your a guard then keep it to 7. Tower hopfully will be taken down within the next 2 days.
  18. ALL TOWERS GO DOWN IN 2 DAYS in the Meantime, get Maintence done and deal with Spammers. And yes ShadowTitan is added as OSF
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.