Orisons of Glory - Part 8

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  1. Totally Agree
  2. Definitely, opted out rewards should be much less, so I agree with the current set-up.

    However, the PvP aspect needs to be reworked so that certain builds can't hit and take tons of items from you, and then it be impossible for you to retaliate or to take the items back even if you work hard.

    The event was very frustrating for me, even though I ended up OK.
  3. Fully agree, the devs definitely screwed this up. At the start of this event I was quite excited that there is change from the usual monotonous events, but the steal rate is hopeless and therefore I opted out and lost interest in event.
  4. Hopefully i get rewarde for the amount i got and not get screwed over
  5. I was opted out from the start the hit mechs need a complete overhaul.Trying to get everyone to pvp is insane with the mechs in place,besides which with all the complaining about the gap this type of event is counter productive for growth.
  6. Involve in what a scam. I had people three time my size hitting and taking 1000+ item per hit.
  7. You should grow in war competece.
  8. All pvp people opted out last 15min of event. Top100 opt out jumped 40k in 15min bc of that. I had a sizeable 28k lead at top100 opt out 2h before end and decided to go home, only to get screwed over by people opting out last second, ending #108. I feel so screwed with, it's insane. Next time either 1) give an overall leaderboard(opt in + opt out) or 2) make it impossible to opt out last 24h of event. That will prevent me from trying to get t100 and wasting my time. And yes i am salty as hell. A 28k lead blown away in 15min. Thanks devs.
  9. How is it counterproductive? BC players can't get any bigger until new lands are released. Meanwhile the rest of us non bc players can upgrade with all the SB from the event.

    How do you propose they can fix the gap? Not give any sb to the bc players that participate in the events?

    You do have a point about the mechs and hit ranges. Those do need to be looked at and fixed.

  10. Actually not what happened at all.

    The people that had earned PVP favors, and then opted out, finally had THEIR STEALABLE favors converted to Non steal able. Devs had mentioned this would happen already

    And 28k isn't sizeable.
  11. 28k for bc builds=14 unloads. And thats bc builds only as they get max drops. 14 unloads ahead with 2h left is sizeable to me.

  12. Has nothing to do with your build. The hit ranges are huge in this game, works both ways. Was losing 3-4k a hit to players my size or smaller. However was taking 1-2k and losing less than 100 from the players I was hitting.
    I dont farm players half my CS, but have of apoc will do that. This made it a great event for me
  13. Oh ATA mods I love you all babys you make me feel happy when I play the game and I want you all to have good life stay safe stay happy stay real my bredrins xx peace
  14. You should learn to spell!
  15. Overall. Good event. I do have to say the item payouts are buggy. I hit in my range for the most part and people would take thousands while my return would only give a hundred or so. That is fine if the reward levels were a bit lower. 120k is attainable for me if I was not losing as much per hit. Or if I would at least make as much back. Either way. Good overall event.
  16. Ok just wanted to throw out my opinion on event, as I think constructive opinions will benefit in further events. First want to say awesome job devs in creating a totally different event that had a strong pvp Aspect, although I'm not a big pvper I know a lot were asking for this so its awesome y'all found a means to have one. So my thoughts on things that I feel will enhance a event of such is this:

    Need a shorter time 1 week is long enough, by now I've heard complaining and even myself feeling that they and myself just wished it was over.

    Still need work on the hit ranges, as the mechanics did help it so the bigger accts couldn't come and just sit on someone, it kinda made the opposite affect, so that smaller accts could do that. So therefore some of the bigger accts were frustrated that they would get pounded and get very little in return hits if any, just small example: 5k-7k stolen, so they hit back unloading only getting favors once out of all the successful hits and getting less than 200 in that. That's a bit of a difference and the acct wasn't that much smaller than me. So that made it frustrating rather than fun, when someone like that would just farm you knowing you couldn't retaliate.

    The 8 hour shield spell should be something you get at the beginning of the 24 hours and can be used anytime during that 24 hour period. Having it only available after 24 hours when activated really can mess you up, example: I forgot to cast it before falling asleep so woke up and casted it, but problem now is it will not be available till the time I woke up to cast it the previous night. This would be more useful if I can decide when its the most benefit in that 24 hour period as it may vary day to day depending on my activities as well.

    Should be able to bank more pieces a day and/or there should also be a cap on max pieces someone can have stolen in a day. I know some that have worked all week and have 70-90k pieces stolen in a matter of hours, having to start over now with 2 days left. That is very frustrating, and I know some will feel well its pvp, but reality is some are only participating in the pvp for the reward, but in same token the reward is not worth 10 days of just frustration and not knowing if last day you will be stripped of everything your working for.

    This don't need to be every event, a lot of people just don't have the time to be on consistently to maintain this type of event especially with the parameters of this one. Some have loved it, but I think if this same type of event is started to soon, a lot less will stay opted in!

    I personally would prefer this type of event not to be around a holiday, as people are trying to spend time with family so having this type of event causes a bit more stress trying to keep up with as well.

    Again just my observations and thank you again devs for your effort in making a event that's been long asked for! :)
  17. I opted out 2 days ago and stealable didn't become not-stealable till end so not last 15 minutes just didn't update till end even though said 24 hours for conversion.
  18. Never got my event plunder its in my newfeed havent been on in weeks due to family trouble
  19. My 2 cents.
    This happened many times to me. Not exact numbers but the approx ratio is the same. I would get atk by someone half my size and lose 1700+ favors. I would steal from the same person that just hit me and I would get 160 favors. Approx 1/10 ratio.
    Someone twice my stats would steal from me and same as above.
    I understand a smaller stat getting more reward (not 1/10 though). But why would I the smaller stats still only get 1/10 when I steal??
  20. There are lots of good thought n suggestions throughout these pages, and I hope the devs give them some SERIOUS consideration.
    Stacy's point about the Fatelock spell is totally valid...another example, I flew back home (two hour time change) on Wednesday n had to wait an extra two hours to cast my spell, so didn't turn in until 2:36 a.m.
    Many people have reported/commented on the disparities between losing n regaining favors and I found those frustrating too.
    Banking 2k favors per day was too few for such a long event.
    Event was too long of a grind.
    The defending player should be rewarded in favors for a successful defense. There were too many times a heavy spy would just unload everything, failing at times along the way, but take thousands of favors on successful steals.
    The ranges between who can attack who have needed to be addressed since the introduction of the Highlands five years ago...talk about defenseless procrastination! Limit the LB people to themselves, let top 100 club go at each other, not the rest of the whoever they are able to hit now...that'd be a real PvP.
    The spell symbols were similar enough to each other to be confusing at times.
    Some people abused the Fatelock spell n were farming with it activated, so any returned hits weren't going to result in regaining lost favors. This situation definitely needs to be addressed, and if that wasn't the case (people with Fatelock spells activated couldn't win favors), it's an example of how similar some of the spell symbols were.
    Miscellaneous issues I've been meaning to note:
    1) why doesn't the "back" tab in forums return us to the previous page, instead of to the front of the forum's?
    2) Why hasn't there been a cap instituted on the price of mith? Five or six years ago a cap was established on the bonus earned for being hired by a new owner....and take the exclamation point off the sentence telling us all we've been "rewarded with a million in gold!" That's such a ludicrous amount these days 