Orisons of Glory: Part 7

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Mar 18, 2017.

  1. part 8 will be the last one of this event, right?
  2. If I recall, they said completing Orisons of Glory would give everyone a full set. We have parts 8, 9, 10, and 11 left, giving us a weapon, greaves, boots, chestplate, and helmet.
  3. The achievement prize for top opal of triumph/conflict collectors have yet to load in for me.. Anybody else having this issue?
  4. Not true the conflict one should show 1 Aqua in the rewards somewhere. But yes I think it's kaw wide
  5. We need more opals of labour level rewards 1800 is to easy to attain
  6. I feel like we should earn opals of labour for the PvP event, it's harder to hit people than it is hitting epic battles!
  7. Deleted post, misread clock! :(
  8. Looks like a mistake I have 3 hours still on my Opal clock.
  9. 170 for SoD is just a stupid amount to collect when it costs 15 nobs to open, I've just got 38 on using enchanted pick axe
  10. Will opals of labour in excess of 1800 rollover to the next period?
  11. Ki ds sucks to have more than 1800 huh? Hard to get that seal....
  12. Then don't spend it on a SoD
  13. New opals of labour event has max 3k reward tier (before top x) that gives 36 forge stones. Last one was 1.8k for 44?

    It seems the time has decreased, tiers have increased and rewards have decreased?

    I don't understand how this has been figured out. I understand you've added tiers. But why make the rewards lower?

    I'm tired so it's possible I've misunderstood something. I was just a little confused :lol: :lol: :lol:
  14. Didn't, I used them on xstals
  15. Good.
    The SoD is a bit of a ripoff. However, i was more than happy to buy a bunch of Aqua.
  16. I really hope you reconsider the rewards given out for the second part of the forge stones rewards, the top 250 will likely spend over ~20$ on crystals or nobs for seal and regens to get ahead in the reward however I can spend 5$ to open 2 crystal thing and have that at least the top 250 reward with less of a purchase and remaining nob remaining the rewards tiers.
  17. Ok so I can use 1 stone for 1 aqua. Sounds fair. Or I can use 100 stones, for the 5 xtals it would take to buy 1 aqua from the Mage. Anyone else notice this?