Orisons of Glory: Part 7

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  1. Rip confusing af
  2. You guys need to re write this its way too confusing. Too many stones to figure out....
  3. Opal of labour
    Gives you forge stones
    Opal of success
    Gives you an achievement (nothing else ATM)
    Opal of triumph
    War stones rewards
    Forge stones
    Gives crystals, horns, seals, circle pieces and plunder spells
    Crystal geode
    Gives 30-600 forge stones (cost 15 nob can be opened 2 times per day)
    Favor of kyzarian
    Event item
  4. why is opal of triumph capped so low at 150 on lotl please fix it.
  5. This is only an achievement it can very much be overlooked by anyone and everyone
  6. All the ape haters at it again. Be thankful for some variety this go around. Thanks devs for effort.
  7. I do agree with added forge stones is great considering it can give a wide variety rewards that we can chose thanks very much devs! :D
  8. Crystal geodes don't give forge stones but enchantment stones... whatever the hell that maybe ...
  9. I brought one of these and it did give me 32 forge stones, seems more of a typo somewhere along the longs
  10. Yeah, this is a game that most people pay to play. They don't have to be thankful for a damn thing. It's a game, not water.
  11. Nice, u can buy another 5 pickaxes and spend a total of 90 nobs to be able to buy a single seal.

    Fantastic deal!!!
  12.  Devs pulled a fast one on people.
  13. well the fact these are earned from the event I would say just stay with those ones
  14. If I were new, the complexity of this event (or series of events) would make me go back to playing Angry Birds instead. Rewards may be nice, but maybe do separate events for separate goals (equipment vs Aqua/Inferno for example) rather than cram everything into one

    Devs, try to KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid).
  15. Reallly??? More things dropping from eb's and actually have to Pay to open it??? Cmon where is this going to???
  16. Yay...I just used 15 nobs to open something worth 10 nobs...(/_')
  17. At this point I'm starting to wish this wasn't a free app so that most things inside the app would be free..... But most likely with these Devs, it'd still cost to play
  19. So what epic battles drop the etymite nugget? Does anyone know?