Origins of you name!

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  1. Hi guys, as the Devs have taken the time and trouble to revamp forums I thought a new thread (low effort ) is in order! As the title of thread suggests origins of your kaw name! Why and the background behind it! Thanks in advance or not as the case may be
  2. Everyone loves the speedos
  3. Pokémon the First Movie
  4. Was being farmed by a player called zotob so changed it to annoy him lol
  5. Because when it's Dark my kids say "Oh no!"
  6. Short for GraveLord Nito , from Dark souls 1 , first of the dead / god of death and disease .

    My favorite boss design from my favorite game .
  7. An old family clan nicknamed me jersey
  8. The book Dancers at the End of Time
  9. mine is cause I have a dark side fueled by fire and burns off the dark to let light in
  10. This is my discord name.
  11. First letter of first name starts with “j” and my last name is “strong”
    “58” was my first football number when I was like 8 lol
  12. I think that's cool in my book :)
  13. One of my favorite skateboard brands they some crazy bunch 🤙🤙🤙
  14. Thus, as a war-god, Odin is principally concerned not with the reasons behind any given conflict or even its outcome, but rather with the raw, chaotic battle-frenzy that permeates any such struggle.
  15. My name is from the Bible, a fallen angel, a watcher one of the first and one of the many
  16. Upon creating over 500 accounts used heavily for farming charms and furniture, I woke up one day, to find them all banned. So I looked to the sky and realised I had to change my ways. A Latin phrase then came to mind and in the process of starting over, clean slate and all, I used the absky, as in the sky is the limit and added my lucky/favourite number to it in the end.

    That may of may not have impacted anyone with a name resembling mine and resulted in a ban. Sorry about that ...