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  1. Erm im not on ya list yet moose, plz update. Ty
  2. Pinky for vk
  3. Moose, he has been around since I started. He has always worked hard and given to the community as a forum mod and as a WC mod he has made this game a better place. He has made WC enjoyable while also doing his job to the best of his abilities.
  4. I vote for moose, he is dignified and always ready to answer noob questions. Great wc quizzes and is pretty to boot
  5. Congrats to everyone on the list. You all certainly earned it. But if the devs rewarded everyone for being helpful to the community than there would be too many VK's. They would have to list a lot of people. And what about the people that help players in PM.
  6. Timdafreak for Vk .!!!!!!!!
  7. Is Prince Valium the leader of the Valium Knights? Let me guess...King Roland wants you to save his Druish princess?
  8. Lukebear : He has always been a good friend since I met him and I think he would make a great knight. Go lukebear
  9. I think kaw cummity should be a valiant knight
    He help cummity and tries to make the game better for players ,
    Reasons : he or she is hard at work daily to give the time to help kaw, and it's players ,plus is very helpful to point out guides on builds in forums , and is friendly , so yes I think kaw cummity should be a valiant knight
  10. I don't know why stars can out oh post I did not try to write bad words please look pass that and read.
  11. I don't have enough time to read all of the posts in every thread, but a few pages back I saw Mott nominated. I would like to add him as my nominee as well. He has been my owner since I have started, helped me along, and always hires me back ;-). I'm sure he has the same repartee (hope that is the word) with all his other allies and clanmates.

    I'm sure there are more reasons, but I absolutely hate posting on mobile lol
  12. Mott is a great kawer. I nominate him as well. Very helpful and friendly
  13. I want to nominate a few for demoting. You know who you are 
  14. I think moose should be on the list
  15. I am helpful am very active. Both game an forums
    I've met some awesome people. Play in kaw
  16. Xx-The-Dragon-King-xX
    Kingdoms At War.
    1.I try to be a positive influence to the Kawmmunity ALWAYS!!
    2.I Try to help out WHOEVER I can be the person big or small.
    3.I am working on being a clan wall designer to help.
    4.I try to help out WHOEVER I can, For instance if someone posts need help being farmed, Or need a mod, I always try to help and most of the time I do =).
    5.I try to be helpful in forums posting and commenting.
    6.I sometimes help others with an epic battle when I'm in the middle of something.

    Please consider having me as a vk, and have a nice day to WHOEVER reads this =)
  17. Refer to my Post "Thank You CHAOS". You probably saw it already.
    Going on 5 years now and I know he's done more than just push the effort for the ASW, but I can't scroll through years of posts.
    As stated, this most recent post and rally for support was what pushed him over the edge IMO. ASW is taking shape, and many are anxiously awaiting new details while preparing for war.

  18. Ok I've been playing for over 2 years there's a few I could name ,but for me king_katana .my reasons being always there for his clan , will help with advice on builds and the game, let's peeps know when items so players don't miss out and grow quicker.He to me is what the game is about supporting your clan and having fun doing me.