Opt Out of Firing Allies

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  1. Opt Out of Firing Allies

    As time has passed things have changed and new features added to improve the game playing experience. One of the main ones being unable to reset accounts. It was found to have taken away from the game playing experience of users as a whole so it was removed. When things make playing kaw unenjoyable they serve no purpose anymore and should be evaluated.

    One of the main items that frustrates players is when an ally is accidently fired. It does not matter how careful you are, it will eventually happen. The majority of the times allies are fired are accidental. After that happens there is nothing that can be done about it. Support will say that they are sorry it happened, that it is irreversible, and there is nothing they can do to help. You will have lost all the work you have spent weeks to months on.

    With that response in mind I would like to propose an option to be able to opt in and out of being able to fire allies. This will allow players to avoid accidentally firing allies losing depending on their size millions to quads of gold. As anyone that has went through it will tell you how much it sucks. This feature will allow an option for support to point out so that the user won't do it again and can avoid it.

    Firing allies has mainly used to cover up strips of where the funds came from. With mithril these days it has for the most part the same affect. Allies can be hidden so the owber is unknown. With how firing allies are used in war I did not include just removing that option. Please share your feedback below and discuss your thoughts on this.
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  2. But...on Droid at least, there's a confirmation Y/N page. Does iOS not have that, or is the dual click system not enough to deter a misplaced fire action?
  3. I am unsure if IOS does or not as I do not have an IOS device. Even with a confirmation page screens are still too sensitive to register actions unintentionally. In addition the location of the confirmation is too close and too big of a box that can accidently be hit. You can have your phone resting in your hand and accidentally double tap the same spot on the screen and fired an ally. The confirmation does help slightly, but I believe it does not do enough to avoid the undesirable outcome.
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  4. There is a huge iOS confirmation warning you how much gold you’ll get back, asking if you’re sure. The window is actually bigger than the “Do you want to crystal?” pop-up, and the two buttons are far enough away. // Since they’re talking about Droid though, I wonder if it’s an issue where they’re playing on a small screen / resolution, or have big fingers?
  5. With all the other issues that need fixing this particular gets no support from me, in 6 yrs of playing I have never fired an Allie by mistake, just be careful
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  6. Lmao what a stupid idea. How do you accidentally drop allies
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  7. This has been a feature that has been requested for years. The rest of us can't be perfect like you and control where a thumb lands when you almost drop a phone. It is impossible to be 100% careful and still play the game. This is something that is tangible to fix that doesn't look like it would be too hard to implement.
  8. If you can't have an intelligent conversation please refrain from posting on this thread. Please also read the whole thread before posting as it explained how an ally is accidently fired. Instead of simply saying something is "a stupid idea" please explain why you don't like the idea and what you would think would be better.
  9. No one is perfect and accidents do happen but it's a case of suck it up! Would you like an are you sure you want to attack this player button? A sure you want to hire this player button? Sure you want to play this game button? Let the devs sort the major issues first then maybe look at an idiot button for hiring and firing of allies
  10. Shut up, your idea is stupid and this thread is not necesarry. No support.
  11. I would support your suggestion on banning the firing of allies in indi wars but one point to note is that even if this was implemented, people who really want to leak in wars are still able to sell pots.
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