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  1. Well, well, wel, until we get further information from the devs or until chocolate23 steps in, I've made this temporary thread to collect information about eb drops. This seems to be another "guess the eb dropping" type of event since many people has already said this or that eb didn't drop.

    So, post here what ebs have dropped(finished after event started), what ebs have not dropped (finished after event started) or what ebs are you currently testing.


    All blood rains (again).
    (By default ASOF should drop)

    Not dropping:

    Battle Royale
    Smoke Signals
  2. Testing TS at Aos on ph3.
  3. Lotl did not drop reference the Clan B2B
  4. AFF is dropping, refer to CRAZY FROGs history.
    TFO is dropping, refer to Caffeine Shot.
    Ambush is dropping, refer to Ocean2.
    Origins is dropping, refer to demons of the dark.
    Battle Royale is not dropping.
    Haunt is not dropping.
    All BRs seem to be dropping.
  5. Haunts, smoke signals, fod, and lotls were all confirmed no drops

    Testing cotd here at mru
  6. Sg is dropping
  7. HTE is dropping :)
  8. Reck dropped at last clan
  9. Of course Hte & Rotwb drop *Facepalm*
  10. Tsg? I see many clans advertising it and i don't think it's coincidence, can anyone confirm?
    Edit: Tsg not dropping @Soul utopia.
  11. TSG not dropping .... damm ... we are sad after finish
  12. That's what she said.
  13. All ebs drop however some didn't due to a glitch/error. The devs will be compensating those who didn't get drops on previous ebs.
  14. Reck is same tier as tfo, how is the clan name spelled? i want to confirm.
  15. Ah! Thanks for the info. /Lock, then.
    Edit: Don't lock yet until official response... if all ebs drop, why do we collect only one item and not at least two to combine? usually when it's only one item, not all ebs drop.
    Edit again: found it.
  16. It's a short promo so 1 drop is quite nice as it allows clans to do whatever eb they want :)
  17. Well, yesw. Good point. And it doesn't en give equip so it's like a mini easy event.
  18. Its a buffer for something larger, players complained about equip being outdated so easily. So naturally to keep the gravy train rolling they run promos with no equip (mage promos & this one)

    Also confirmed all ebs will be dropping via devs reply on promo thread
  19. Every eb is dropping lel
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